Tuesday, March 8, 2011

In the final stretch

As of tomorrow we have 14 more days till our daughters due date.

Wow, I am just in complete shock over it. I mean we are ready but still. We are about to have a B-A-B-Y!

I feel pretty darn good. In fact, I can't complain really. Two nights ago I was up from 1:45-4:45. Couldn't sleep a wink. So I got up and proceeded to finish the remaining thank you notes I had (25). So I am caught up with that. I have one I need to write today though, I got a cute gift last night so I need to get that one done also.

So no sign of baby. I have had two checkups at the Dr. with minimal progress. I have thinned out some but that is all. I go back again tomorrow. I'm really hoping I have seen a little progression. I decided tonight is the night I start walking. I gotta get this baby moving.

I have honestly loved being pregnant. I can't complain about one thing. Morning sickness was minimal, I have slept pretty darn good the entire time, I haven't felt miserable these last 4-5 weeks etc.
My only complaint is I have gained so much weight and my body is so swollen all over. My feet literally look like hobbit feet. I'm not kidding either. I'm also not exaggerating.

On our agenda tonight:
Installing the car seat in the new car.

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The Lewis's said...

So glad to hear you have had such a great pregnancy. You will love motherhood! I hope you contiue to feel great and that these last few weeks past fast(and that you don't go past your due date like I did:))