Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sweet Gift

Yesterday a lady from work stopped by my office to deliver this:It is a beautiful hand made blanket. The ladies mom actually made it. She told me that her mom is 80 years old and that this blanket would probably be her last one. Her mom has been having trouble seeing and these blankets haven't been easy on her eyes.
The detailing is so sweet. You can tell it took time.
I thought this was just about one of the sweetest gifts ever!


Shannon said...

That's so sweet. My grandma makes baby blankets and outfits like that. Treasure that blanket because let me tell ya - they do take time. I've only made a few and mine don't have any type of fancy pattern to them!

The Lewis's said...

What a wonderful gift...we received one similar to that when Cade was born from a friend of my grandmother...so nice:)

Sharmin said...

Beautiful! I just love things like that.