Monday, December 20, 2010

Just a few more days

Wow, even though this is my last week of work for a few weeks, it is still rather busy.
All the holiday parties are winding down. I of course still have family stuff and two birthdays but other than that, life seems to be slowing down. Yesterday all I did was go to church. The remainder of the day I spent laying on the couch, snoozing and resting. Man was it good.

This week though I have the following on my agenda:
Monday: I work a normal day today and then I must begin wrapping presents. I have all of them bought but I must get some things wrapped.

Tuesday: Work. We also have another Dr.'s appointment. We will be measuring baby again. I'm scared to step on the scale, but excited to see our little girl. She's been very active the last few weeks. We might just have a future dancer or soccer player on our hands! Then Tuesday night we are having dinner with friends. More on that later.

Wednesday: My last day of work I hope. I plan on taking Thursday off but I haven't officially told them yet. I must do that today! Then that night the husband and I have plans to have dinner and see True Grit. Thursday is the hubs birthday so we are celebrating Wednesday night due to our Thursday plans.

Thursday: The husbands birthday and Christmas/Birthday Party and my inlaws.

Friday: Christmas Eve and I have lots to do. Cooking at my moms, playing with my little nephew who is almost 3 months old, attending my dads Christmas Eve musical at his church and our traditional taco dinner feast at my moms afterwards.

Saturday: Christmas at my mom and dads! It usually turns into an all day affair. We start with breakfast, then presents, then lunch, etc. With a family of 5 siblings plus 5 grandkids it can take a few hours to unwrap gifts. We love it that way though.

Sunday: REST! Maybe hitting up a few half off sales.

All the while, we plan on working on the new baby's room over the break. Yesterday we did a little shopping for curtains, a new rug and a few other items. So far we haven't found exactly what we wanted so we decided to wait on that.

I'm sure I'll come back with an updated post from the Dr and a few other things but if not, Merry Christmas!

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