Tuesday, November 30, 2010

24 Weeks, Vacation, Holiday, Christening and Baby's Room

Shew, yes, I have a giant title because I have so many things to cover.

First of all, I hit 24 weeks tomorrow. Hello 6 months! We had a Dr.'s appointment last week and baby is doing good. He confirmed again it was a girl. He said his % was even higher than 90 this time. So now I feel better about buying her stuff. I have another appointment right before Christmas. I still can't believe I am this far along already.

The belly comments have started coming. I knew they would but I keep hearing them more often these days.

Vacation was good but I spent too much time traveling and no time resting. We painted the nursery, went out of town for a few days, then out of town for Thanksgiving, then I flew to Houston for a christening, then drove home! Shew. Busy, busy, busy. I'm already thinking that Christmas Vacation will be spent AT HOME!
Here is a picture of the finished baby's room. Yes we went with RED and Yes it was ALL MY IDEA. Husband agreed but it wasn't due to the Razorbacks. I've always been a fan of red. More pics to come once we have furniture and bedding.
Here are a few pictures from the christening! I am now the godmother to my nephew Jax. Yes, that is an honor. We aren't Catholic but my sister's husband and family are. I was honored to be asked. You will see me in the red dress. The first picture is my sister Janna and husband holding baby Jax. Then myself and the godfather. Hello, look at my belly!
This is me holding him during the ceremony.
The holiday was just the same as always. Lunch at MIL's. This year we celebrated 2 weeks early at my moms due to baby christening and my parents going out of town. It worked out fine.

Oh and last but not least. On the way home from the christening I got the stomach virus! Booo! It wasn't fun! That was Sunday and today is the first day I've actually eaten something outside of rice or crackers.

I've decided I need a vacation from my vacation.

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Heather said...

You look great! Connor's nursery/bedroom was/is RED and I love it! LOVE IT!! It turned out exactly like I wanted and it is just perfect! So bright and cheery! I think some people thought I was a little crazy but I knew what I wanted! I can't wait to see more of her sweet room!