Friday, October 29, 2010

Weekend of cleaning

So my house is in desperate need of some attention. My bedroom and closet are my big projects this weekend. I am actually looking forward to tackling those. I am also going to do some sweeping and mopping. Man I can't wait.

No big Halloween plans for us. As a child I didn't celebrate so I have pretty much just carried that on since being married. We are going to a church gathering Sunday night but that is all.

So I started my Christmas Shopping this week! I have almost finished 4 gifts. Woohoo! 3 are finished and I'm still waiting on one other thing to finish off gift #4. I can't wait to have that behind me. Then several days ago I picked out my stamp from Stampin Up for my homemade Christmas Cards. Then I even hit up Hobby Lobby during the 50% off paper sale. I bought all my paper and then (Best Part) took it over to a local printing shop and they cut the sizes I needed in the paper!!! Oh man, my sister turned me on to this last year and I love it! Another thing is it only cost me $2.50 to have over 100 sheet of paper cut into 3 different sizes!
So paper is bought, cut and half of it glued. Other half will be glued once I stamp it.
Shew, I'm glad to have that much accomplished already. I'll post pictures of the card once I'm finished. This year I've cut my list down to 60. I normally send out 80-90.

Baby Girl is doing good. Last night was the first night I've "really" felt any movement! It was neat. Daniel tried to come over and feel too, but I think it's too soon for that! He said he is ready for her to start kicking. NICE!!!

Happy Weekend......

I'm off to the paint store to pick up a sample of the color I think I'm going to paint the babies room!!!!!!

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