Friday, October 1, 2010

Naval Orange/Avocado

So I've been tracking my pregnancy size based on the size of food. Yes, I know, crazy.

Anyhow, I visit two sites for this. One is always ahead of the other so I never really know exactly what size I am.

This week we are the size of an orange and an avocado. YUM, both sound good. Ha!

I am feeling pretty darn good. Last night I hit up Old Navy because sale stuff is an additional 30% off. WOOT for that, I picked up 2 maternity sweaters. I think I may go back at lunch for another one. They are too cute to pass up and they were only $10. I love a good steal.

Tonight the Conway Wampus Cats which are 4-0 are taking on North Little Rock. Woot for High School Football! I think I'm going to the game. Haven't officially decided yet.

Tomorrow though the hubs and I have a birthday party to attend and dinner with friends. NOTHING ELSE!!! I love off weekends! We are also preparing for a garage sale next Saturday so I'm sure we'll do a little of that this weekend.

I am promising from here on out more belly photos. I need to do it for my future child. I don't want he or she to have no pictures of mommy carrying baby!

21 days till we find out!!!

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