Friday, October 22, 2010

Bring on the Pink....Red!

We are having a girl! Our Dr. confirmed today at my 18 week appointment. He said he was 90% certain! I sure hope so.

I like PINK but we plan on doing lots of red instead.

We are still not 100% on the name yet. We think we are, so I'll share that sooner or later.

We are just happy that she looked healthy and that she is measuring at the right places!

Woohoo for Girls!


Heather said...

YIPPEE!!!!!! So excited about the pink/red!!!!!! Those socks are "Trumpette" brand socks and they are my very favorite baby girl thing EVER!!! Mine were all gifts or hand-me-downs...but I know you can get them at different places. I have even seen some at Target. I will look around online and e-mail you some links later this weekend after the race!! :) CONGRATS again!!!! :)

The Lewis's said...

Congrats Jess!!!!!!

photomama said...

aww congratulations. I love pink too and so when we finally were having a girl I went all girl but also with red. Her room is red with white eyelet and old fashioned Raggedy ann and Andy. look for ward to seeing pics of the nursery.

Toya said...

I'm so excited for y'all! You will be an amazing mom!!!