Friday, October 29, 2010

Weekend of cleaning

So my house is in desperate need of some attention. My bedroom and closet are my big projects this weekend. I am actually looking forward to tackling those. I am also going to do some sweeping and mopping. Man I can't wait.

No big Halloween plans for us. As a child I didn't celebrate so I have pretty much just carried that on since being married. We are going to a church gathering Sunday night but that is all.

So I started my Christmas Shopping this week! I have almost finished 4 gifts. Woohoo! 3 are finished and I'm still waiting on one other thing to finish off gift #4. I can't wait to have that behind me. Then several days ago I picked out my stamp from Stampin Up for my homemade Christmas Cards. Then I even hit up Hobby Lobby during the 50% off paper sale. I bought all my paper and then (Best Part) took it over to a local printing shop and they cut the sizes I needed in the paper!!! Oh man, my sister turned me on to this last year and I love it! Another thing is it only cost me $2.50 to have over 100 sheet of paper cut into 3 different sizes!
So paper is bought, cut and half of it glued. Other half will be glued once I stamp it.
Shew, I'm glad to have that much accomplished already. I'll post pictures of the card once I'm finished. This year I've cut my list down to 60. I normally send out 80-90.

Baby Girl is doing good. Last night was the first night I've "really" felt any movement! It was neat. Daniel tried to come over and feel too, but I think it's too soon for that! He said he is ready for her to start kicking. NICE!!!

Happy Weekend......

I'm off to the paint store to pick up a sample of the color I think I'm going to paint the babies room!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

19 Weeks

Today I am 19 weeks. That means I am almost half way to having this baby. WOW, I've got tons of stuff to do.

We haven't even started the babies room yet. We have it cleaned out, but I've got to repaint, order furniture, find bedding, etc.

So this is a glance at what I like. The only change will be Red trim instead of pink.
I keep trying to post the picture of it, but it only shows mostly the bed so you'll have to click on the link above.

Please let me know your thoughts......

We also got our results back from our quad screening. Everything came out negative! Thank you God for answering our prayers.

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Husbands office

So Friday the husband took off to attend our gender appointment with
me He came back into his office this morning to this!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Bring on the Pink....Red!

We are having a girl! Our Dr. confirmed today at my 18 week appointment. He said he was 90% certain! I sure hope so.

I like PINK but we plan on doing lots of red instead.

We are still not 100% on the name yet. We think we are, so I'll share that sooner or later.

We are just happy that she looked healthy and that she is measuring at the right places!

Woohoo for Girls!

Monday, October 18, 2010

17 weeks 5 days

So I hit 17 weeks last Wednesday. My blogging skills are obviously not top priority right now.

We've had a very busy few weeks at work and I'm not sure when it will slow down.

Wednesday I hit 18 weeks and on Friday we are finding out the sex of the baby.
We've been waiting for this since the day we found out. Honestly I look back and think it took forever to get here, but honestly is hasn't been that bad.
We are so excited to see and hear what this baby will be. Very excited can you tell.
On Friday I plan on taking another photo of myself, so I'll post the good news along with a photo soon!

I am also excited that Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner! I love this time of year!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Garage Sale plus hog game

Shew, what a busy week I have had.

Went to next town over twice this week to visit new baby. Didn't take anymore photos last night though.
Then my grandmother isn't doing good and was put in the hospital. Looks like she'll be okay but still.
Then, tomorrow is the big garage sale. When I say big, I mean big for us, but tiny for most. I have a few furniture pieces, books, decorator items, scrapbooking stuff etc, but that is it.
I'm hoping they all sale. I have already sold one item and someone else told me they wanted another one of my items. WOOT!! I love to sale stuff to people!! Especially when it means decluttering my house!!

This is our first big step in getting the babies room ready. We knew we had to get rid of stuff first so we've been cleaning out and putting things in a "garage sale stack". The next big step is having the sale. Once that is over we have some cleaning of the room we want to do such as vacuuming, cleaning baseboards etc.

We decided we wouldn't paint the room. Our house is painted all neutral colors and we opted to leave it that way for resale purposes. So once the room is clean we are ready to begin our search for baby stuff!

I turned 16 weeks on Wed. I feel pretty good. Just ready for 2 weeks from today! I should know the sex!! Can't wait for that!

Oh and the Hog game is this weekend! We are playing TX A&M in Dallas. It is on TV so on Saturday at 2:30 I'll be watching the game and probably snoozing from the early morning garage sale! Go Hogs!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

16 weeks

So today I hit 16 weeks. Wow!!!!
Baby is the size of an avocado.

This weekend we are gearing up for a "get ready for baby" garage sale!

As soon as we get the garage sale taken care of we plan on starting
the baby furniture purchases.

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Visit with Jax

Another sweet picture of me holding baby Jax!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Another photo of baby Jax

I bought baby Jax this onesie before he was born. So cute! Go Cowboys!

I'm an aunt again

My 5th nephew was born last week. Here is baby Jax along with some of
my family and my other nephews.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Naval Orange/Avocado

So I've been tracking my pregnancy size based on the size of food. Yes, I know, crazy.

Anyhow, I visit two sites for this. One is always ahead of the other so I never really know exactly what size I am.

This week we are the size of an orange and an avocado. YUM, both sound good. Ha!

I am feeling pretty darn good. Last night I hit up Old Navy because sale stuff is an additional 30% off. WOOT for that, I picked up 2 maternity sweaters. I think I may go back at lunch for another one. They are too cute to pass up and they were only $10. I love a good steal.

Tonight the Conway Wampus Cats which are 4-0 are taking on North Little Rock. Woot for High School Football! I think I'm going to the game. Haven't officially decided yet.

Tomorrow though the hubs and I have a birthday party to attend and dinner with friends. NOTHING ELSE!!! I love off weekends! We are also preparing for a garage sale next Saturday so I'm sure we'll do a little of that this weekend.

I am promising from here on out more belly photos. I need to do it for my future child. I don't want he or she to have no pictures of mommy carrying baby!

21 days till we find out!!!