Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Last full week

Vacation was great. Blogging from my phone was great and worked so much better than uploading pics to facebook. It takes forever to upload pictures to facebook via your phone! I finally gave up on that and just blogged.

As you can see, we saw many things. I think my favorite was Grand Canyon and honestly my least favorite was Vegas. I decided I'm just not a big fan of Vegas. I'm glad we went though. We stayed at NY NY and it was nice, clean, updated and overall not crowded at all!
Would stay at that place again if we go back.
The only other downfall was we did so much driving that it wasn't all that relaxing. We also crammed a zillion things in 1 week!!! Again, I am glad I got to see a few things I've never seen before. With kids in our near future, trips like that probably won't happen for a while. I am glad we went ahead and did it.

I have entered my last full week of work. I am excited about the new job. I officially begin on July 12, so I still have about 2 weeks.
This week though I am finishing up a few projects, trying to clean up, save work, create a manual etc. It is going smoothly so far. I think they are just now realizing that my last day is fast approaching.

I am back on the eating wagon. WOW, my clothes are miserable. From all the pictures I guess you gathered we like to eat. I was okay with it. I was on vacation.
I'm paying for it now, but I'm drinking tons of water. I'm also trying to eat tons of fruits and veggies. One they are in season and taste good and two, they are low in cals and good for me in many ways. I've also been drinking this. It has a serving of fruits and veggies. Plus it is stocked full of good for you vitamins:

Just to recap a few other things that I've been dealing with:
1. I got a SEVERE sinus infection while on vacation and was miserable during half of it. We ran into town on Friday so I could go to the Dr. I got me some meds and I'm beginning to feel better. I have yucky congestion and that junk in my throat. I hope my super duper mucinex will start working!

2. Before we left for vacation I was having a tooth ache, so I went to the dentist. He told me I was going to need a root canal. He helped with the pain and sent me on my way. He gave me an antibiotic and some hydrocodone for the pain. I took the hydrocodone that night and went to bed. I woke up at 3 and took another one because I was afraid the pain would be out of hand. When I woke up I was still drunk on hydrocodone. Lets just say that drive in was interesting. Hubs drove me, but man I was so out of it for 3-4 hours after getting to work. I figured I would stick to Advil for the remainder of the time. We laugh at it now, but man, I didn't like how it made me feel. So fast forward to yesterday, I went in for the root canal and it was miserable!!! Seriously, they totally had my mouth WIDE open for an hour and they used tools/instruments/shields to keep it open. I couldn't swallow good due to #1 and that gunk in my throat. Plus my nose still isn't up to par with the sinus infection so it made breathing tricky. Especially when someone is digging in your mouth for an hour! Lets just say that hour was awful.
I was glad when it was finally over. Tomorrow I head to get a crown for the tooth. This tooth by the way is costing me some MOO-LA-LA! UGH!

Anyhow, I am rambling here!

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Anonymous said...

So with all of this baby talk...when are ya'll gonna start trying? Yes, I'm being nosey!! ha!