Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Weekend, hurry up

I am so ready for the weekend. I am pooped.

Last night I went to Ft.Smith with church to sing at the BMA convention. That was nice and the pastor did awesome, but man I am exhausted from the trip. We got home at 11:30 and I was up at 5:00 this morning.
Lately, I've been sleeping bad. I keep waking up tons of times and then for some reason at 5, I wake up and can't go back to sleep. Booooo

Exercise hasn't been all that good this week. I just have commitments and problems that have kept me from doing all that much.

The rest of our week and weekend are pretty jammed packed full of stuff. Hubs is on the church softball team and has 2 games. One Th and one Friday. Then we have a crawfish boil on Saturday. I'm also running a fun 5k with some friends.

Busy little bee I tell ya!


Rachel Cox said...

You are a busy little bee! I too am exhausted from Tues night and have yet to catch up on my sleep. For some reason I am having the same problem as you... waking up at weird times and then not able to go back to bed! Must be something in the air. =(

A Literary Treat said...

Hey! You have a great blog here!!! I hope you'll come and have a look at mine sometime...? :D xx


zehna said...

good luck hope that keep on doing right things and it will be alright (i"m senegalese excuz the exprssion)

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