Monday, March 1, 2010

Women Can Run Begins this week

I'm going to do the Women Can Run, however, I can't go tonight. I have my monthly BUNCO game tonight and it's at my home.

Anyhow, I plan on going and joining up with the advanced class. I want to try and work on speed.
Speaking of, over the weekend I ran a little over 6 on Saturday. I feel like I am slowly getting my speed back, however, I want to be about 11 min mile or less, so I need to push on a little more. I'm hoping that class will help me a little. Of course I also do 4:1, so I must take that into consideration. I am stopping to slow down for 1 min every4.

So I am excited about the running class. I'll be able to go on Thursday when they meet again.

I am also gearing up for the LR Marathon Relay this weekend. I am doing leg 1. I'm actually excited about that. It is the leg that is in downtown LR. I like that one. You run thru downtown. Not that we have much, but it is cool. Plus over bridges. I don't have a fear of those, I actually think they are pretty darn cool. I'm running for the Jackson Graves Foundation. I may have a shirt. Not certain on that though.

Anyhow, I am doing much better with my food. I saw a .2 loss on the scale this morning. I'm hoping for a little more in a few days. I've just been sliding a little on the food. I'm trying to get back in the swing of things though.


Rachel Cox said...

I'm doing the class! But I am doing the beginner class... =) But I hope to be at your stage this time next year. That would be awesome!

However, this rain really needs to stop. =)

Anonymous said...

I'll be there on Thursday, but I'm going to do the Intermediate group. Yay!