Friday, March 19, 2010

What a week I've had

Wow....It all started on Sunday.

We had to admit my grandmother to the hospital on Sunday afternoon, well actually evening. We spent most of Sunday afternoon until 11 pm in the ER.
Then on Monday I took off to be with her in the hospital so she wouldn't have to be alone. My mom was out of town so that meant that me and my siblings plus dad took up the slack for caring for my grandmother.

It went really well actually, but I didn't get much sleep from Sunday until Tuesday. I am wiped out still.

My grandmother was released on Wednesday, and I think she is on the mend. She has 4 doctors appointments next week to help determine what is causing her problem. Hopefully they can help. She is still in tons of pain though.

So, my week has been busy, busy, busy. I spent Monday and Tuesday tending to that, and on Wednesday was church and then yesterday the hubs had a work thing so I had to stick around and wait on him. I can't wait to get off work today and go home and relax. I am so needing it.
Well first I'm heading to Walmart and Kroger for groceries, but hopefully that won't take all that long.

Tomorrow is much of the same. I'm taking the whole week off from exercise. I'm just wiped out. I hear we are looking at cold temps and rain over the weekend so that should help me stay inside. I can't wait to just nap all weekend and catch up!

I'm working on my menu for next week. I am totally going back to some lower carb stuff, more protein shakes, and a regular exercise routine! Look for more details on all of that to come!

Happy weekend!

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Rachel Cox said...

You went to Walmart AND Kroger for groceries? You are asking for punishment aren't you?! ha!

Sorry about your grandma! Glad she is out of the hospital, but I sure hope they can find what is causing her problems! Not fun!