Thursday, March 4, 2010

Is tomorrow really Friday?

WOW, this has been a week!

Sorry I've been MIA. Yesterday I took off to help my sister with HP event. Hewlett Packard just built a new building in our town plus they brought tons of jobs to our area, so they had a HUGE grand opening event. Pretty neat facility. The company I work for didn't design it, but man is it nice.
Anyhow, I helped her on Tuesday evening till late and then from 3:00 am-noon yesterday! Boy am I pooped. I took a long much needed nap yesterday. Man was it good.

Today I'm working and to my surprise I didn't have tons to do when I came in. WOOT, WOOT!
I still can't believe that tomorrow is Friday, wow this week has flown by.

Tonight is the running club.....Not sure how far we are going. Weather is looking better in AR. Temps are reaching the 50's and the sun is shining! LOVIN that.

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