Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hill Repeats=Not my friend

Oh how I hate thee......

We did hill repeats yesterday. First of all, I just wasn't in a running mood last night. I went and I participated but man was I wishing I was sitting at home watching tv.

So we ran about 1/2 mile to the actual "hill" and then we proceeded to run up and down it. We did the hill 6 times. Some people did it more, I opted for 6.
So as we were running over to the hill, I was so not feeling it. My lungs were burning! Seriously, I hate that feeling. I decided to slow it down and just jog. It was fine, but it took me a few minutes to calm down, then of course the hill repeats began. YUCK! I realize why you do them, but can't I still complain?

Tonight I told the hubs I would go on a long walk with him. It is 70 degrees and B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L here! So after dinner we'll head out and do a nice walk in our neighborhood. I'm hoping for an hour, the weather is perfect!

As for food yesterday, I stayed on target with my food and never wavered. I also drank my 1 gallon of torture! Just kidding, it isn't so bad.
Now that I've given up sweetners I can't use crystal lite to help get it in! Booooo.....

I don't think I've mentioned it, but hubs has lost almost 25 lbs since January....I probably didn't mention because I am slightly jealous!

I am about gone for the day. So looking forward to that sunny afternoon walk!

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