Tuesday, March 30, 2010


We got back on Sunday night. Shew, busy trip but good.

We went to a prayer conference in Greenville, SC. It is such a refreshing place. This is our second time to visit this conference. We went this summer and really enjoyed it.

Yesterday though it was back to the grind. Still doing good on my food. I am drinking my protein shakes regularly and finding new ones I like.

Last night was speed work at the running group. I actually wanted to skip because I was tired, had lots to do last night etc. I went though! I was glad I did once it was over. I then went out for 30 more minutes of cardio with the hubs. It was good, the new time change allows us to do that later so that helps our schedule.

I think tonight I'll do some abs and weights.

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Brandi said...

Hey girl good to see you last night! What kind of protein shakes are you drinking? I think I may resort to drinking some this next month. The hubby has some brand that is vanilla flavor but it is so clumpy and disgusting!