Monday, March 22, 2010

89 days till this....

I am heading here in about 89 days, but who is counting!?
The husband and I booked it about 2 months ago. I don't know if I ever mentioned it, so here I am. I am so ready now, but in June it'll be nice to get away. I actually have several little mini vacations this year, so the hubs and I decided we would only go for 5 days this year. I'm sad, but 5 is better than none!
So as I mentioned on Friday, I planned on taking off this weekend. I did rest, but I also worked out for 3 hours over the course of the weekend. I needed to do it though. I had taken the week off with tending to my grandmother and then just being worn out.

So today I started a eating clean again and drinking my protein shakes.
Here is my menu for today:
1/2 cup oatmeal, protein shake
6 oz ground turkey patty
6 oz tuna, 1 cup green beans
16 almonds, protein shake
6 oz chicken, brussell sprouts
I am also shooting for 1 gallon of water. I honestly had to google that to see how many ounces that was. 128! I purchased a gallon jug of water from walmart over the weekend. My plan is to fill it up and carry it to work with me-just another visual thing.

I just finished 60 oz of water and it is close to 11:00. I better get crackin!
Tonight we are doing hill repeats at running club....Wow, gonna be tough!

So as you can see operation gotta look decent in a swimsuit is well underway!


Rachel Cox said...

HAHA! Great minds think alike!! Look at my blog post from this morning. Too funny!

Brandi said...

Good job girl! I'm trying too! We go to Cancun in almost 30 days. Operation Hotness is in full effect!