Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Working my way back to being a natural

So last week was my hair appointment. I went in thinking I was ready for change. Was I ever. I decided a few days before that I was tired of blonde and ready to be back to my natural hair color (Dark Brown). So I went in and discussed it with my hairdresser and she persuaded me to do it. So I did.
I am back to my natural, or I'm trying to get back to my natural. Will eventually get that point, but it might take a few extra appointments to finally see dark again. My blonde highlights are now a light brown. Those will eventually go dark, but again, after more appointments!
The idea behind this was to save some MOO-LA-LA! I think maybe I will eventually!
Here are some before and after pics. Actually, I started with afters. I tried moving around the pictures in blogger without much luck! UGH!
So as you can see I am back to a dark natural color. I'm glad though. It was time for a change.


Anonymous said...

I went back to my natural color in the Spring of 08 and have never looked back! I just went in and had it dyed all at once and thankfully, it was so close that nobody even knew when it grew out!

I did get a lot of comments because I went from blonde to brown over night! But, it saved lots of time and moohlah that way!

Sometimes I do miss the blonde highlights though.

Brandi said...

I like the natural look. Although I have no idea what my natural color is, I like dying mine red/auburn every few weeks. I buy the cheap box stuff at Wal-mart and it works just fine. :) I have saved a ton of money and not only that my hair thanks me for it!

CINDER said...

I have just done the same...for similar reasons...I am still not sure about it (I miss platinum) but...for now It is OK--
I love the new color on you!