Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So this year I participated in Upward. We are approaching the end of the season and I can't believe it.

Upward is a christian sports league for kids. In AR we have basketball and cheer, but other states have soccer, flag football, etc.
Anyhow, last night was the most important night of the program. We got to present the Gospel Presentation to the kids. I am an assistant coach, and being this my first year to participate I told the head coach I would do it. I wanted to have that experience. Anyhow, I read my materials yesterday and prepared for my talk. This one can be fun but also intimidating all at the same time.

It went great and we had a great response last night. We had at least 5 girls interested in hearing more and at least 2 prayed the prayer. Those girls were not in our class, but the coach I help was able to assist with helping the girls with the decision. It was awesome to see really!
It was be neat to see how many kids will be saved during this program this year.

Upward is winding down though. We have 2 more games and 1 more practice. It has honestly been a great program and I am so glad I participated. I will for sure volunteer again!

The hubs is sick.......He has what I had a few weeks ago. I'm crossing fingers that I can stay healthy and not get it again. I'm trying to persuade him to go to the Dr.
He is off today, so I had to drive alone! Booo........

Today is my WW meeting. We are discussing Dining Out. I love this lesson. I find that it can be so useful some of the info they give.