Monday, February 22, 2010

Ran over the weekend

So I got out and hit the streets Saturday morning. I am really partial to my 2 days a week i can sleep in. It isn't easy getting up on a day off. I did though. Luckily we stayed home Friday night. With Daniel being sick we just stayed in and watched the Olympics. Anyhow, all that being said, I did hit the sack early. We went running about 7:15 and were finished by 8:30. Gotta love that. We did 5.5 miles in about an hour. I still can't belive that. We were going faster than i thought we were. I was super impressed with that. My pace has slowed down tremendously since the marathon. I went from about a 11 min mile to a 14 min mile. I did that because I wanted to finish the marathon. Now that I'm not running that kind of distance I can afford to run a little faster I think.

So anyhow, we had a great run. I went with two friends. At one point they thanked me for slowing down. I honestly don't know why they said that. They kept up with me entire time.
I wasn't going all that fast.

I love it when I have one of those awesome runs. I mean for me they don't always happen. This was my first time outside in a while with the weather and on top of that, it was a longer distance than what I've been doing. I haven't run much since last year, so this was a big step for me.

I definitely had the running high after we finished. I was in my zone. I honestly think I could of ran another 5.5 had I really wanted.

I think we will shoot for 6-7 next Saturday. I have to do the 1st leg of the marathon on March 7 and it is about 6 miles. After that is over, I just want to keep a good 6 mile running base up.

I'm also thinking I'll do the local running club 5K that is about to kick off. They train for about 3 months and then run a 5K in May. I figure I might as well at this point. Maybe I can get my pace a slight bit faster.

Anyhow, our weekend was good. Stocked full of activities. Hubs is better but he still has a cough. I woke up this morning not feeling so hot. Please, oh please don't let me get sick again!


Anonymous said...

Yes, please join us!!!! I can only meet with them on Thursdays due to school, but I'm so excited! I'm going to do the intermediate - and honestly, I'm not too sure on how well I'll do with that!

Brandi said...

Hey girlie! Yes I'm doing the Women Can Run clinic too! I plan on going both nights and then going to the gym afterwards for any strength training I need to do with my trainer. I'm excited! I hope this gets me back in the groove!

Dawn said...

YEA!!Nothing like a good run. HA, I kind of miss those morning runs from time to time too. It is 8:30 and you are already done, such a great feeling. I have been running some on my TM at home and I JUST LOVE IT!! I do miss it.

Rachel Cox said...

Well lookie there! I didn't know you had a blog either! LOVE IT! I'm totally addicted to reading blogs, so I love when I find another one of someone I actually know. ha! =)

Well consider yourself officially blog stalked. =)

That is GREAT about your running! I am starting the "Women Can Run" clinic here in a week actually, so I am excited about it. I have always wanted to be a runner, so I hope this kick-starts my addiction!