Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Got to get my creative juices flowing

I'm sort of lacking in the creative blogging these days. I normally talk about work, work, and work.

Exercise is going okay. I was suppose to run last night and didn't. I had an awful food day yesterday. It started off with a few mini kit kats and went on past that. Once I got home I did ok. I went ahead with our planned BBQ Pork Sand, coleslaw, veggie, few baked chips dinner. The BBQ pork I did in the crockpot. I did the pork, 1/2 a coke zero, some onions, garlic powder and then I put some of our favorite BBQ sauce on top (McClards). I cooked it from about 8-4:30 on low. It was YUMMY!!! I then did some low cal coleslaw. I was super impressed. Tasted good. Speaking of....facebook has a crockpot group now...I joined and wow, you can get TONS of ideas!

Anyhow, once I ate that and let it settle the thought of running made me want to PUKE. Seriously! I just couldn't do it. I did go to the gym, but I spent it doing some interval work on the treadmill. No running just walking at inclines, fast, slow, etc. It was a good workout, but it wasn't a run.

Anyhow, I just haven't been on the wagon these last few days. I gotta get my act together.

Tonight we are doing leftovers from the BBQ. Lately, when I've been making crockpot recipes, I've been able to eat 3-4 meals off it and then freeze it. Well, I was able to do that with the BBQ also. I put another meal back in the freezer. I LOVE our new deep freeze we got. I've got Taco Soup, BBQ, Skillet Lasagna, beans and ham all in the freezer for whenever I want it. I love having meals at my disposal if I really needed it.
I know a friend when she got pregnant she made meals towards the ends to freeze for after the baby came. I will totally do that when I have a baby. Life would be so much easier!

I told the hubs yesterday that next week we were going to use some of that and save a little $$$$ on groceries.

I better jet. Project due.....

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