Thursday, February 25, 2010

3 Things Thursday!

1. Today I have a Dr. apt. Nothing big just check up stuff. I get to leave work early! WOOT! I love time off.

2. I am loving hot tea right now. When I wake up in the am I have tea. Then throughout the day I have a cup or two. I am buying the Celestial Seasonings Caffeine Free. I'm trying not to have as much coffee so I'm drinking this instead. Don't get me wrong, I still have my morning cup or two, but I've been having this also. I usually use 1 splenda in it. This isn't the exact kind I buy. I couldn't find it on google images, but it is called the Fruit Tea Sampler. All the kinds are really good. It has Peach, Blueberry, Raspberry and a few others. All are really good...peach is probably my least fav.
3. Last night we tried a new chicken enchilada casserole that you do in the crockpot. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. The hubs wasn't so happy when he noticed it was going to be a casserole. Anyhow, it actually turned out really good. He took back his unhappiness.

Okay, I need to finish up some stuff for work before I leave! Happy Day before Friday!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Working my way back to being a natural

So last week was my hair appointment. I went in thinking I was ready for change. Was I ever. I decided a few days before that I was tired of blonde and ready to be back to my natural hair color (Dark Brown). So I went in and discussed it with my hairdresser and she persuaded me to do it. So I did.
I am back to my natural, or I'm trying to get back to my natural. Will eventually get that point, but it might take a few extra appointments to finally see dark again. My blonde highlights are now a light brown. Those will eventually go dark, but again, after more appointments!
The idea behind this was to save some MOO-LA-LA! I think maybe I will eventually!
Here are some before and after pics. Actually, I started with afters. I tried moving around the pictures in blogger without much luck! UGH!
So as you can see I am back to a dark natural color. I'm glad though. It was time for a change.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Ran over the weekend

So I got out and hit the streets Saturday morning. I am really partial to my 2 days a week i can sleep in. It isn't easy getting up on a day off. I did though. Luckily we stayed home Friday night. With Daniel being sick we just stayed in and watched the Olympics. Anyhow, all that being said, I did hit the sack early. We went running about 7:15 and were finished by 8:30. Gotta love that. We did 5.5 miles in about an hour. I still can't belive that. We were going faster than i thought we were. I was super impressed with that. My pace has slowed down tremendously since the marathon. I went from about a 11 min mile to a 14 min mile. I did that because I wanted to finish the marathon. Now that I'm not running that kind of distance I can afford to run a little faster I think.

So anyhow, we had a great run. I went with two friends. At one point they thanked me for slowing down. I honestly don't know why they said that. They kept up with me entire time.
I wasn't going all that fast.

I love it when I have one of those awesome runs. I mean for me they don't always happen. This was my first time outside in a while with the weather and on top of that, it was a longer distance than what I've been doing. I haven't run much since last year, so this was a big step for me.

I definitely had the running high after we finished. I was in my zone. I honestly think I could of ran another 5.5 had I really wanted.

I think we will shoot for 6-7 next Saturday. I have to do the 1st leg of the marathon on March 7 and it is about 6 miles. After that is over, I just want to keep a good 6 mile running base up.

I'm also thinking I'll do the local running club 5K that is about to kick off. They train for about 3 months and then run a 5K in May. I figure I might as well at this point. Maybe I can get my pace a slight bit faster.

Anyhow, our weekend was good. Stocked full of activities. Hubs is better but he still has a cough. I woke up this morning not feeling so hot. Please, oh please don't let me get sick again!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So this year I participated in Upward. We are approaching the end of the season and I can't believe it.

Upward is a christian sports league for kids. In AR we have basketball and cheer, but other states have soccer, flag football, etc.
Anyhow, last night was the most important night of the program. We got to present the Gospel Presentation to the kids. I am an assistant coach, and being this my first year to participate I told the head coach I would do it. I wanted to have that experience. Anyhow, I read my materials yesterday and prepared for my talk. This one can be fun but also intimidating all at the same time.

It went great and we had a great response last night. We had at least 5 girls interested in hearing more and at least 2 prayed the prayer. Those girls were not in our class, but the coach I help was able to assist with helping the girls with the decision. It was awesome to see really!
It was be neat to see how many kids will be saved during this program this year.

Upward is winding down though. We have 2 more games and 1 more practice. It has honestly been a great program and I am so glad I participated. I will for sure volunteer again!

The hubs is sick.......He has what I had a few weeks ago. I'm crossing fingers that I can stay healthy and not get it again. I'm trying to persuade him to go to the Dr.
He is off today, so I had to drive alone! Booo........

Today is my WW meeting. We are discussing Dining Out. I love this lesson. I find that it can be so useful some of the info they give.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Got to get my creative juices flowing

I'm sort of lacking in the creative blogging these days. I normally talk about work, work, and work.

Exercise is going okay. I was suppose to run last night and didn't. I had an awful food day yesterday. It started off with a few mini kit kats and went on past that. Once I got home I did ok. I went ahead with our planned BBQ Pork Sand, coleslaw, veggie, few baked chips dinner. The BBQ pork I did in the crockpot. I did the pork, 1/2 a coke zero, some onions, garlic powder and then I put some of our favorite BBQ sauce on top (McClards). I cooked it from about 8-4:30 on low. It was YUMMY!!! I then did some low cal coleslaw. I was super impressed. Tasted good. Speaking of....facebook has a crockpot group now...I joined and wow, you can get TONS of ideas!

Anyhow, once I ate that and let it settle the thought of running made me want to PUKE. Seriously! I just couldn't do it. I did go to the gym, but I spent it doing some interval work on the treadmill. No running just walking at inclines, fast, slow, etc. It was a good workout, but it wasn't a run.

Anyhow, I just haven't been on the wagon these last few days. I gotta get my act together.

Tonight we are doing leftovers from the BBQ. Lately, when I've been making crockpot recipes, I've been able to eat 3-4 meals off it and then freeze it. Well, I was able to do that with the BBQ also. I put another meal back in the freezer. I LOVE our new deep freeze we got. I've got Taco Soup, BBQ, Skillet Lasagna, beans and ham all in the freezer for whenever I want it. I love having meals at my disposal if I really needed it.
I know a friend when she got pregnant she made meals towards the ends to freeze for after the baby came. I will totally do that when I have a baby. Life would be so much easier!

I told the hubs yesterday that next week we were going to use some of that and save a little $$$$ on groceries.

I better jet. Project due.....

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

This weekend we aren't really celebrating. Just hanging out together!
I'm leaving you today with a funny picture of us. Here we are at the SEC Championship game several years ago. We were attacking Boss Hog! Yes, that is my tonsils you can see.
Happy Valentines Hubs!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

It has been a while....

WOW, where do I begin!

Last week was insane with multiple projects and just stuff going on. Then the weekend hit and I had multiple things going on. Sunday we celebrated the Superbowl with friends and some awesome food. We did tacos but the healthy kind. I did lowfat meat, 2% cheese, salsa, black beans, FF bean dip, 2% cheese dip, baked chips etc. Then I topped it off by making this recipe. Blackberry Cobbler WW Style. Next time I may do a little splenda on my blackberries, but other than that, it was a hit.
All those involved in the party are trying to trim down for the New Year so it was a HUGE hit.

Then on Sunday when I went to bed, I had no idea I would be off for two days!
We got covered in snow. The weather people didn't do such a great job. Of course at anytime it can shift and temps drop, well, that is what happened. We were blanketed with about 7 inches of snow on Sunday and into Monday. I couldn't believe it when I woke up to snow. We of course stayed home and I'm glad we did because by 10 that morning we got a dumping of more. Again, it was so beautiful! Those two days off were awesome.

I finally ventured back to work yesterday. Not because I wanted too, but because I needed to get back to work.

They keep saying more snow could come our way, but I doubt it. I figure spring should arrive soon.

So I started swimming at the gym. So far so good. It is a nice change of pace and scenery. Did you know you burn tons more swimming than running? Hello, I need to stop running. Speaking of, I am going to take the first leg of the LR marathon in March. I've ran 3 miles twice this week so I need to bump that to 4 miles over the weekend. I'll be ready by March 7. My leg is only 6 miles. So doable.

I better get going. We don't have any Valentines plans......what about everyone else?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm still alive...

Work....That's all I'm saying.

I ended up finishing out the January Exercise Challenge with over 1250 minutes. WOO HOO!

I lost a total of 8.4 lbs for the month of January. I actually started out the week after Christmas so that is really 5 weeks, but oh well. I still haven't taken any measurements yet. I may wait one more month and then take them after 8 weeks of progress.

I still want to lose about 15 more lbs. If I can keep this up, I should be pretty darn close by my birthday in May. 1 lb a week should get me close at least. I would love to be back to my goal weight by then. I can do it. I am determined!

I entered another February Challenge. This was is 1300 exercise minutes plus push ups. The challenge is pushups 3 days a week plus then whatever else you do to accumulate the 1300 minutes. I did my first round of pushups on Monday and tonight I'll do more. I've started on my knees, but I hope to gradually move on up to toes eventually.
So far I only have 60 minutes in for the month. I better get busy, we are already 3 days in. I hope to do some cardio tonight before church and then my pushups and a few abs before bed.

A friend I know just posted that they need someone to run 6 miles of the LR Relay. I think I might do it if they still need someone. I really want to start running a little. Not a ton, but a little. 6 miles wouldn't be so bad!
I am considering!
That race is about 1 month out. I need to build back up though if I plan on doing it.
Might mean I start back running this weekend! Oh the joys of cold weather running!

I better go, I need to get back to work.