Friday, January 15, 2010

Welcome to Friday

I am so happy Friday arrived!

Wow, I had a hectic week. Bunco, Upward Cheer stuff, church, work event till 8:30 last night, cheer game tonight!

Shew! I'm glad it is here though. I will get to rest some this weekend. Not much planned. Just exercise after today. Oh and grocery shopping! :( Oh well, we gotta eat! I'll probably go Saturday morning after I workout!

I am leaving work at 2 today because I worked so many hours yesterday. I plan on going to the gym before our upward game tonight.

Again, this weekend I don't have much. Tomorrow I'm doing either spin or a weight class. Not certain yet. The cowboys play on Sunday so I know I'll try and watch some of that. May go do some cardio while I watch it.

Happy Weekend!

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