Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday

1. I am so thankful I have a job. Even though this week has proved difficult at work, I'm glad I have one.
Tonight is one of our annual events. Been preparing for about a month for this. SO ready to see it over with.
Yesterday as I was finishing up a project that I thought was due today I glanced at the requirements. HELLO, was due yesterday! So I jumped up, got it finished and out it went. Honestly, I was sort of glad we finished all three of them. I knew today was gonna be hectic.

2. Thankful for Heat, Warm House, Coat-
Wow, the temps in AR have been frigid. So thankful for all the above. Wow, I always wonder how homeless people do it.

So my working out is going okay. On Monday I didn't do anything due to my monthly Bunco group. Tuesday I went to the gym after my upward cheer practice. I had a weird experience at the practice this week. The gal I'm teaching with had to step out of the hall so I was sort of taking over for a few. We were working on a cheer that had some movements that I wasn't really comfortable leading, meaning I kept messing up. The girls were laughing at me. I'm sort of a jokester at times during practice so I didn't really care that they picked at me. Anyhow, one little girl came over to me and whispered in my ear..."you are weird".
Something about that comment just devastated me. I mean, for some reason it just rubbed me the wrong way. I had a hard time recovering from it. Maybe because I joke around she thought she would also? Not sure!

After cheer practice I headed out even though I would of loved to of just gone home. I was tired, hungry, grouchy from practice, irritated slightly with the above, etc.
I wound up doing about 70 min of cardio and abs. It was good, but man, I almost turned around and went home!

Last night we had church! Shew, I'm glad the week is drawing to a close. I am tired! Anyhow, before church I did cardio again for 45 minutes. I wanted to get something in.

My plan for Friday is more cardio before our cheer game, then on Saturday morning I'm hitting the weight class, then I'll probably do something else after that!

I gotta get those minutes in for the week!


Anonymous said...

I wonder what that girl meant by it. Kids can be so mean sometimes. I don't think half of them think before they say stuff. But, I don't think you're weird!

Great job on working out!

Brandi said...

Don't take what she said too personal. I get told I'm weird all the time and I consume it and love it! It's good to be different! :) At least you have fun!

Great job on the working out. My minutes don't look as good this week. :( Boo

Oh I haven't joined the gym yet, just the hubs. He wants me to but I'm still waiting. He joined 10 Fitness.

Oh and because I just want to have a super long comment here. :) I'm going to go to the women's study at the church on Wed nights that starts next week. :) Are you going to it?