Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Still sick....

So Brandi and I must have the same thing. We live in the same town, both got sick at the same time, have similar symptoms and both of us are still sick! UGH!

Mine has now moved to my throat and it has been killing me since Sunday. I honestly feel it might be heading towards my chest. My Dr's nurse told me that the drainage had to go someplace so give it more time. HELLO, been on medicine for 1 week now! So ready to move on from this.

Yesterday I actually stayed home from work. I never take a sick day, but boy am I glad I did. It was so nice to sit and be still. I slept till 10. It was wonderful. I felt so much better after having some down time.

With my being sick since last week my exercise is not going so good. I've tried to exercise when I can. In fact, I attended one class with Heather on Saturday. She and I officially got to meet. I overdid it though on that day. I did some cardio before and then the class. I went home and went to some upward games and then fell in the bed for 3 hours. WOW, I was worn down.

So, I've been getting in light cardio, but that is all. I should still make my 1250 minutes in January goal, however, next month we are doing the challenge again. Hopefully I can still do as well even with it being a short month.

I have deadlines, so I better stop blogging and get busy.

Central AR might get ice and snow on Thursday! Hmm...wonder if we will?


Brandi said...

Girl I feel ya! I can't stand this! Mine is slowly making its way into my throat and chest. Ugh!! Hopefully we will get better soon!

TinaGirl said...

ick! sorry about the sickies. Its been going around damp dark norther CA too. No fun. Take care!

prashant said...

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