Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January exercise challenge

At PNP this month, I am leading the January exercise challenge. It is simple. Workout...count your minutes and set a goal. The goal was 1250 minutes for the month of January (Corinne set that goal). January has 31 days, so depending on how many days you workout this can be easy or tricky.

I honestly at first was like, oh my, can I do it? 1250 is an insane amount.

This challenge came at a good time for me. I just joined the new gym. I was ready to workout, and honestly, I needed to workout. Clothes tight, scale WAY Up......etc...etc...etc.

So on January 1, I started. Wouldn't you know my gym was closed on the holiday, so I opted for 60 minutes outside. The hubs went with me. We did a great cardio walk. We walked for 60 minutes and I was so pumped about it.
Anyhow, as the last few days have progressed I am up to 225 minutes of exercise for the month of January so far. I am doing mostly cardio with some weights mixed in. My goal is to try and lift 2-3 days a week and then do some type of heavy cardio the other days. Maybe even a few classes depending on what is offered.

I set a goal to work out 5 days a week and get in at least 60 minutes each time. So far, I've done more than 60 minutes!!!!!!
So, I am 225/1250!

I'll let you know how my progress is coming along. I gotta do this if I plan on getting off some of that holiday stuff!


Anonymous said...

Great job! So did you join CRegional Fitness? If so, I'm going to Spin tonight if you'd like to join me! It's 45 minutes! It's at 6:10pm.

Brandi said...

Interesting on the time log. I may just do that to see how many minutes I work out this month!