Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In Design....

So our office purchased In Design. Yes, we are way behind the times. I never used it in college, because my degree didn't involve it. I seem now to be using that kind of program for what I do, so they purchased it.
Going to take me a few weeks to grasp it.

They want to revamp everything and move it over into the new program, get a new look etc. Gonna be a busy few months I'm afraid.

On the exercise front I am 285 out of 1250 so far for January. I am right on track to finish with more than what is needed if I keep this up.

Scale's been in my favor also.

Today I had a major food victory. Pizza and Cake were brought in for an employee celebrating the passing of his engineering exam. I packed my lunch today and ate it and stayed away from the goodies. Wow, did that feel good.

We are expecting big snow here in AR. That is huge here because we don't normally get any. I'm sure tomorrow will be a nightmare when it comes to traffic!

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Shiri Briseno said...

wooohooo stepping away from the pizza is a humongous (sp?) acheivment, so proud of you. I think I'm going to have to try the minutes a month thing you are doing I've never thought of tallying all of the minutes I spend in the gym, I might do a lot more if I see I'm not getting in enough, you go girl!