Thursday, January 21, 2010

Feeling somewhat better

I seem to be doing better, however, I still feel like I need rest.

This not working out stuff is killing me. I really want to jump back in, but I feel like taking off is for the best right now. I hope tonight to do some light cardio. Nothing major, maybe just 45 min walk. I just want to do something.

Last night I did stay home from church. I hated to miss, because we never miss. It was the right thing. I layed on the couch and watched Biggest Loser on the DVR. Every season they have more drama.
I told myself I wasn't going to watch this season, however, I might after watching last nights episode. I really want to see how the yellow and blue team do at home.

Hopefully tonight I'll be back to some cardio and then I'll ease back in on Saturday with a class. That is my hope. Will see as I continue on this medicine.

I have so much work to do. I gotta run!

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