Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sick, tired, busy, crazy weather

Shew...I know crazy title, but that is how I feel.

1. Still sick! Enough said, I'm tired of talking about, so I know you are tired of hearing about it. Now my ears hurt!

2. Tired of being sick

3. 3 projects due and I'm still not totally comfortable with this new In Design program I a learning.

4. Crazy weather is suppose to hit our area. You see in AR they predict and then about 10% of the time it happens. Then when it does, man does it ever! They've been warning us of this storm since Tuesday and I guarantee the eggs, milk and bread are GONE! I have a few things in the house I can work with. My parents don't live far either, so I can always go over and be with them if worse came to worse.
So who knows, all I know is tonight and tomorrow we might be in for a storm. Ice mostly!

I hope to rest regardless. I gotta get over this looming crud!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Still sick....

So Brandi and I must have the same thing. We live in the same town, both got sick at the same time, have similar symptoms and both of us are still sick! UGH!

Mine has now moved to my throat and it has been killing me since Sunday. I honestly feel it might be heading towards my chest. My Dr's nurse told me that the drainage had to go someplace so give it more time. HELLO, been on medicine for 1 week now! So ready to move on from this.

Yesterday I actually stayed home from work. I never take a sick day, but boy am I glad I did. It was so nice to sit and be still. I slept till 10. It was wonderful. I felt so much better after having some down time.

With my being sick since last week my exercise is not going so good. I've tried to exercise when I can. In fact, I attended one class with Heather on Saturday. She and I officially got to meet. I overdid it though on that day. I did some cardio before and then the class. I went home and went to some upward games and then fell in the bed for 3 hours. WOW, I was worn down.

So, I've been getting in light cardio, but that is all. I should still make my 1250 minutes in January goal, however, next month we are doing the challenge again. Hopefully I can still do as well even with it being a short month.

I have deadlines, so I better stop blogging and get busy.

Central AR might get ice and snow on Thursday! Hmm...wonder if we will?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Feeling somewhat better

I seem to be doing better, however, I still feel like I need rest.

This not working out stuff is killing me. I really want to jump back in, but I feel like taking off is for the best right now. I hope tonight to do some light cardio. Nothing major, maybe just 45 min walk. I just want to do something.

Last night I did stay home from church. I hated to miss, because we never miss. It was the right thing. I layed on the couch and watched Biggest Loser on the DVR. Every season they have more drama.
I told myself I wasn't going to watch this season, however, I might after watching last nights episode. I really want to see how the yellow and blue team do at home.

Hopefully tonight I'll be back to some cardio and then I'll ease back in on Saturday with a class. That is my hope. Will see as I continue on this medicine.

I have so much work to do. I gotta run!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So I am under the weather. Probably because in AR this week the temps are in the 60's, last week they were in the 20's! My sinuses are killing me.
I finally went to the Dr. yesterday! Yep, Sinusitis. I am also having some nose issues, so they did a nose culture. Will see what happens with that.

I just know I am ready for these meds to kick in. I wanted to take today as a sick day, but no, I have projects due at weeks end. I never get to use my sick time. Seems like every time I'm sick, I can never use it. :(

I am still doing good with my eating and exercise, well, I haven't done anything since Monday and I probably won't tonight. I feel like I need rest. I hate to use my days off in the middle of the week, but I'm afraid if I don't rest, this junk will only get worse.

Hopefully I can go to a class on Thursday, if not, maybe I can do a walk.

I got asked to sing in the praise choir, but I told them no. I just don't feel good and I can't guarantee I'll be up to it.

Just 2 more hours of work today! I am ready. I'm thinking I might skip out on church tonight also. I just need some rest.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Good eating and exercise are paying off

I have done really well these last 3 weeks. Today starts Week 4. I so far have seen a consistent loss each week on the program. Wow...eating good and exercising shows results. Who would of thought?

So I downloaded this ap for my Iphone called Loseit. Anyhow, it tells me I may not reach my goal until May 31, 2010. HELLO! I put in a small loss though each week. I don't want to shoot for the stars and be really disappointed. Slow and steady wins the race! The ap is pretty interesting though, I like it.

Anyhow, this weekend I did cardio on Friday, a weight class and more cardio on Saturday,and then cardio yesterday. MAN and I feeling the weight class. We did a gazillion lunges. Oh, it has been so long since I worked lunges that hard! WOW. That is a good feeling though.

Anyhow, I am loving my new gym and all the cool possibilities! Tonight my plan is to try ZUMBA! I lack rhythm so this should be interesting! I hear it is fun though!

Exerise Minutes so far: 803/1250

Friday, January 15, 2010

Welcome to Friday

I am so happy Friday arrived!

Wow, I had a hectic week. Bunco, Upward Cheer stuff, church, work event till 8:30 last night, cheer game tonight!

Shew! I'm glad it is here though. I will get to rest some this weekend. Not much planned. Just exercise after today. Oh and grocery shopping! :( Oh well, we gotta eat! I'll probably go Saturday morning after I workout!

I am leaving work at 2 today because I worked so many hours yesterday. I plan on going to the gym before our upward game tonight.

Again, this weekend I don't have much. Tomorrow I'm doing either spin or a weight class. Not certain yet. The cowboys play on Sunday so I know I'll try and watch some of that. May go do some cardio while I watch it.

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday

1. I am so thankful I have a job. Even though this week has proved difficult at work, I'm glad I have one.
Tonight is one of our annual events. Been preparing for about a month for this. SO ready to see it over with.
Yesterday as I was finishing up a project that I thought was due today I glanced at the requirements. HELLO, was due yesterday! So I jumped up, got it finished and out it went. Honestly, I was sort of glad we finished all three of them. I knew today was gonna be hectic.

2. Thankful for Heat, Warm House, Coat-
Wow, the temps in AR have been frigid. So thankful for all the above. Wow, I always wonder how homeless people do it.

So my working out is going okay. On Monday I didn't do anything due to my monthly Bunco group. Tuesday I went to the gym after my upward cheer practice. I had a weird experience at the practice this week. The gal I'm teaching with had to step out of the hall so I was sort of taking over for a few. We were working on a cheer that had some movements that I wasn't really comfortable leading, meaning I kept messing up. The girls were laughing at me. I'm sort of a jokester at times during practice so I didn't really care that they picked at me. Anyhow, one little girl came over to me and whispered in my ear..."you are weird".
Something about that comment just devastated me. I mean, for some reason it just rubbed me the wrong way. I had a hard time recovering from it. Maybe because I joke around she thought she would also? Not sure!

After cheer practice I headed out even though I would of loved to of just gone home. I was tired, hungry, grouchy from practice, irritated slightly with the above, etc.
I wound up doing about 70 min of cardio and abs. It was good, but man, I almost turned around and went home!

Last night we had church! Shew, I'm glad the week is drawing to a close. I am tired! Anyhow, before church I did cardio again for 45 minutes. I wanted to get something in.

My plan for Friday is more cardio before our cheer game, then on Saturday morning I'm hitting the weight class, then I'll probably do something else after that!

I gotta get those minutes in for the week!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Going day by day!

Last week I worked out 5 days for a total of 323 minutes. My current total for the month is: 473. Remember I'm trying to hit 1250 by January 31.

Last week I did an ab/core class and let me just say WOWZERS!!! It was hard, but really good. Glad I did it.
I am also wanting to try Spin and Zumba. I have a crazy schedule this week with activities at night. Usually I don't have this much going on, but this week I do. Work stuff plus extra activities means this week I'm just going to have to roll with the flow. I would like to get in 300 minutes of exercise. I think I can if I just stick to my plan.
This is it:
M-Off (Bunco with the girls tonight)
T-90 min of weights and cardio after cheer practice
W-45 min of cardio before church
Th-Off (work function)
Fri- Cardio or something before cheer game
Sat-weight class and cardio

I can do it, but I need to try and stick to my plan. Some days I will work out longer if I have time just to help me accomplish my workout goal this week!

Food is still going good also. I am counting my points and journaling everything I eat. I am losing some weight, but I'm tyring not to let that consume me. I do feel better and my clothes are fitting better.
I'm 2 weeks in and still feeling food about my goal! Trying to lose about 20 lbs. With us hoping to start a family soon, I really want to get off some of this weight I've put on over the last few months.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Recipe

A gal at one of my meetings shared this recipe with me. I've been holding on to it for about a month just due to the holiday and very little time for cooking.

I did this in the crockpot so it would be ready when I got home from work. I love cooking chicken in the crockpot because it always shreds and we tend to like that.

Anyhow, this is a chicken curry recipe. I've always been worried about curry, just because I wasn't certain I really liked it and then on top of that, I hadn't ever cooked with it before.

I decided to branch out though...try something new and exciting!

1 lb chicken (I bought it in strips, trimmed and ready)
1 onion
1-16 oz jar of salsa
2 tbsp curry powder

Mix the above ingredients together. Cook on low all day or high for 4 hours. After cooked, stir around and the chicken literally shreds. Then add in 1 cup of sour cream. I use light.
Stir it up and it's ready!

I put mine over brown rice and it was excellent.

The husband even approved. I will warn you though, curry does leave a fragrance behind. It is gone the next day though. Our poor house was a little smelly for a few hours! :)
I will definitely make this recipe again.

I love a meal in the crockpot ready to eat when I get home!

On to other things.....Gym last night was 48 min.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In Design....

So our office purchased In Design. Yes, we are way behind the times. I never used it in college, because my degree didn't involve it. I seem now to be using that kind of program for what I do, so they purchased it.
Going to take me a few weeks to grasp it.

They want to revamp everything and move it over into the new program, get a new look etc. Gonna be a busy few months I'm afraid.

On the exercise front I am 285 out of 1250 so far for January. I am right on track to finish with more than what is needed if I keep this up.

Scale's been in my favor also.

Today I had a major food victory. Pizza and Cake were brought in for an employee celebrating the passing of his engineering exam. I packed my lunch today and ate it and stayed away from the goodies. Wow, did that feel good.

We are expecting big snow here in AR. That is huge here because we don't normally get any. I'm sure tomorrow will be a nightmare when it comes to traffic!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January exercise challenge

At PNP this month, I am leading the January exercise challenge. It is simple. Workout...count your minutes and set a goal. The goal was 1250 minutes for the month of January (Corinne set that goal). January has 31 days, so depending on how many days you workout this can be easy or tricky.

I honestly at first was like, oh my, can I do it? 1250 is an insane amount.

This challenge came at a good time for me. I just joined the new gym. I was ready to workout, and honestly, I needed to workout. Clothes tight, scale WAY Up......etc...etc...etc.

So on January 1, I started. Wouldn't you know my gym was closed on the holiday, so I opted for 60 minutes outside. The hubs went with me. We did a great cardio walk. We walked for 60 minutes and I was so pumped about it.
Anyhow, as the last few days have progressed I am up to 225 minutes of exercise for the month of January so far. I am doing mostly cardio with some weights mixed in. My goal is to try and lift 2-3 days a week and then do some type of heavy cardio the other days. Maybe even a few classes depending on what is offered.

I set a goal to work out 5 days a week and get in at least 60 minutes each time. So far, I've done more than 60 minutes!!!!!!
So, I am 225/1250!

I'll let you know how my progress is coming along. I gotta do this if I plan on getting off some of that holiday stuff!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Recap of 2009

So here is a little info about me from 2009:

January: Ran the Phoenix 1/2 Marathon with some PNP gals!

March: Ran my first marathon and loved every second of it. I WILL and I am saying this again, I WILL do another one someday!

May: Turned 31 and celebrated my 7th wedding anniversary, also joined our first church together as a married couple! Still very happy about that decision! We are loving our church!

June: Went on an awesome vacation to the Beach for a glorious 8 days! It was wonderful and I loved it. Already planning this years big vacation!

August: Decided to get baptized again in our new church. Both of us had been before, but we made it legit by being baptized in our new church. Not to mention as a couple! Awesome!

September: Daniel started his refereeing again and we both geared up for a busy fall. In between his high school games, my attending most all the Conway High games and the Hogs football, shew, we were busy!

October: Walked a half with my mom and her sisters as well as my sister and SIL. Had a wonderful time rooting them on!

November: Enjoyed a great Thanksgiving with family, church, friends, etc.

December: Holiday parties, fun stuff, time with family and friends! I also took off some time at the end of the year and loved it.

Wow, last year did have its ups and downs, but overall, it wasn't so bad!

I look forward to next year and all the cool things we have in store! Here's to 2010!