Monday, December 21, 2009

Weekend over already?

I've had another busy crazy week and weekend.

I got all the work stuff accomplished. Work party went fantastic! So happy about that. I've had multiple rave reviews, so that is good. We did a work slide show this year. 1st one for our office. It was a HUGE hit. Seriously, best part of the night in my honest opinion.

This weekend I participated in a church choir/drama called "The Lighthouse". We've been practicing since September! Saturday we had rehearsal and on Sunday we performed it 4 times. As you can tell I'm pooped. It was good though.

Tonight is my family Christmas. We do the draw names thing so we will exchange those and then my parents will give out gifts to each of my siblings and myself. Hubs and I buy for our nephews also, so we'll give those out as well. We also buy for my parents. Then I'll usually pick my sister and SIL something. Yes, I don't have to, but I do anyhow. My mom will make an elaborate spread of shrimp and grits as well as beef tenderloin and twice baked potato's. It will be awesome! Can't wait for that.

Then on Tuesday we are watching my nephew so my sister and BIL can go to a Christmas Party. Then on Wednesday the hubs turns 35.....We will celebrate with my in laws. It'll be a Birthday/Christmas party!

Thursday I am off! I took it off. I also will be off on Monday the 28th and then also the 31st. I took sporadic days because I have some end of the year deadlines! Boooo...Hubs is off all next week! :(
I'm excited though about the few days I do have.

I love Christmas and celebrating Jesus's birthday! I love this time year!

Merry Christmas if I don't make it back.


Brandi said...

Goodness you have been busy!!! Definitely take some time to rest during the holidays with your family and friends!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!! btw, we have the exact same days off! :)