Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Already?

I think it should still be Friday! My weekend flew by. I won't bore you with a recap, but let me just say I did way too much! I'm feeling it today. In fact, I needed to come to work to relax, however, not the case! I have about a zillion projects going at work right now. I decided this morning a to-do list was in order. The sad part was I just finished 1 of those on the list and it took me from 6:30 am-noon! UGH! Oh well, I am off to my next task.

So this weekend I went and saw a friend of mine finish her first Marathon! So darn proud of her. I love races, they just warm my heart. I'm not counting another one out. Depending on this winter, I may just be in for another one myself. Still contemplating that though. I have a few halfs on the agenda, but another full...I'm not so sure yet.

So today is Monday and I have something every night this week. I still haven't had any time to join the gym and seriously, that isn't a lie. I'm really hoping I can join tomorrow. Right now Tuesday is my only free night his week.

T-Off (hoping to join the gym and finish my Christmas cards. The hubs said he would help! YES!)
S-I have a graduation to attend plus a graduation party, and a Christmas party.

Shew......I am already tired and Monday just began.

On to the reason I created this blog....
I did fairly well this weekend. I did eat some stuff that isn't diet food, but I didn't do bad either. I treated myself and I ate well. Look for me, this is an improvement, so I'm not upset with my choices one bit!

Okay, I gotta jet...remember I need to begin project #2......eek

I'll let you know more about Bethlehem tomorrow!

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Shiri Briseno said...

we went to our first walk thru Bethlehem this past Sunday and it was wonderful, the kids well all of us actually really enjoyed it, it was a great start for our family to head into the holiday season. Good luck this week, sounds like busy one