Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Christmas was great!

We celebrated several days last week. In between that and D's birthday! It got crazy. I loved having those few days off though. WOW, I slept like you wouldn't believe. I mean 1-2 hour naps daily and back in bed around 10. WOW, I feel so rested, it was wonderful.

I am back at work today and tomorrow due to projects! Boo....I got 3 out of the four down already today. I am trying now to finish the 4th. I'm going to come in tomorrow for a few hours but leave early. I am loving the time off and honestly I need it and deserve it I think! :)

So anyhow, back to Christmas...
We mostly got money, which was great. We got small items such as pajamas, coffee cups, socks, purses, etc. It was honestly a great time. We did the big spread for lunch on Christmas day and it was of course excellent. LOVED it.

My figure though, isn't lovin it at all. My clothes are tight and I look bloated all the time. So, as of yesterday I am back on the full force wagon. We got new 2010 stuff in for WW, so I pulled that out. I've already started back counting my food. I gotta get off some of this stress weight/holiday weight gain I've put on. I haven't put on 5 lbs, try 15-20!!! HELLO! Time to get it off before it gets worse.

So yesterday on my day off I joined a local gym. So excited about that. Even went last night and worked out...DOUBLE Excited!
I can't tonight though! :( Bummer! I am helping coach a cheerleading team for Upward! Tonight is our first practice, then after that I am suppose to go to my parents for some friends that are in town. Hopefully I'll be back to the gym on Wednesday and then during the day on Thursday.

Otherwise, I have today and tomorrow at work, then I'm off till Monday.

This weekend we head to Memphis for the Liberty Bowl. Yes, AR is playing and Memphis is a short 1 1/2 hours so we are going to travel and see them play. Should be fun, we'll stay in Memphis on Saturday night, however I gotta get home early on Sunday because I don't want to miss church. We missed this week because we went to my parents church.
Oh well, you can't be perfect.

Oh and I am so excited...Yesterday I purchased a cute bible cover for my bible! And, I also got a pamphlet I am going to use to read the bible in 1 year! I am so excited!

I must get going, this was so little about Christmas....Oh well!


Brandi said...

We are going to the Liberty Bowl too!

I think we are joining a gym tomorrow. I have to, this weight has gotten ridiculous!

Dawn said...

cool that you are reading the bible in 1 year. I have heard of that. Have fun at the Liberty Bowl. We will be watching on TV of course.