Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bethlehem Starts Tonight!

Bethlehem Revisited begins tonight at Antioch Baptist Church.


I honestly have never been before. Yes, I admitted it. This year however, my husband and I have volunteered to work the event all 3 nights. Yes, we did.

The husband has a part as a Shepherd in the drama portion and I am working in the candle shop.
The idea behind Bethlehem is to take a walk and experience what Bethlehem was back when Jesus was born.
They have so many fun activities for kids, plus a drama, food, cookies, etc.

It is just going to be so much fun.

Last night we worked on our costumes. I'll try and post a picture of us before it is all over. We have to be in full Bethlehem clothing, so you'll see us looking rather different than present day.

On to other things...

My life is crazy busy with work, outside activities etc. I am pleased to announce that last night the hubs and I finished our Christmas Cards! YIPPEE...You can't even begin to know how thrilled I am to see those done. This is a record. I've never finished these cards this soon. This year we did 80 cards.

I gotta yet.....


Brandi said...

I think the hubs and I will stop by there either tonight or tomorrow night! I've never been either, sad I know but I want to experience it! Hope to see you there!

The Lewis's said...

Beautiful Cards! Great job:)