Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wampus Cat Game

Tonight is the last game of the season. The Cats did make the playoffs but tonight is the last regular season game of 2009.
I persuaded the husband to take tonight off and go with me, so we are meeting some friends at the game. I'm going to try and take a few photos tonight if I can.
But before the high school game the Jr. High 9th grade team is playing. The husband got to call that game so he is doing that before. It just happened to be a lucky coincidence.

Tomorrow is Friday and the husband is off work. I should of taken off too! Oh well, I did take off Wednesday for Veteran's Day. The husband is off because he is a state employee. I decided why not take it off also, so I'm off on Wednesday! WOOHOO!!! I love a day off. If I can just make it through tomorrow.

This weekend is the South Carolina game. I sure hope we win!

It's about time to put on my Cats shirt!

Happy Thursday!

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