Monday, November 30, 2009

Recap from Thanksgiving!

Wow, what a crazy yet fun few days I've had.

Wednesday we went to Silver Dollar City with friends and had such a grand time. I haven't been since childhood so I really didn't remember it. We rode rides and watched the Frosty show. It was such fun! I'm thinking the husband and I might be buying season passes next year.

Thursday was marathon turkey day. It started at my MIL's and then went to my parents. We ate both times. UGH! I actually at minimal at MIL's and had no dessert. Then we went to my parents and I really didn't have any dessert that time either. We always make this wonderful salad and it is basically like a dessert. I ate that and it was yummy as always!

Friday I went to bed at 10 and woke up at 1:45 am. Yes you read that right. I wanted to hit a few Black Friday sales... Old Navy opened at 3! So two of my girlfriends and I hit the Old Navy for $5 fleeces! We got in line about 2:30 and it was freezing outside. We made it though. I got everything I wanted. I even got stuff for my SIL and Sister. WOOT for that! I have decided that you must have a mission and then hit the checkout line ASAP. I did that all 3 times and was in and out in no time. My friends on the other hand had to wait 30 minute lines a few times. It was cool though. I helped them shop while they stood in line and then sometimes I would go load up the car, pick them up, etc. It worked out fantastic.
So after Old Navy we hit up Walmart! We all wanted TV's. Yes, the hubs and I got a new one. Lovin it! I got to walmart at 4:00 and we stood in line for 1 hour. I knew immediately I got the TV though. WOOT for that again.
Then we went to another Walmart, Target and then a children's store. was a busy day.
I got home around 11 and was pooped, but I kept on. The hubs and I tore back out to Target and got us a TV stand.

Friday night I crashed about 9. I never did get a nap. I just had to much going on and was trying to get things accomplished.

Saturday I decorated! I got both trees up. I got a bigger tree this year. My parents let me have one of the ones they weren't using. It is twice the size of my old one. It looks awesome. Then I have my normal hog tree, however, this year I put it in the kitchen instead! So cute!

Sunday we did church at then another potluck. I'm so tired of potlucks! That was the last one though, thank goodness.

So all in all, we had a fantastic Thanksgiving break! Surrounded by Friends and Family.

I forgot to mention.....Hogs got beat by LSU on Saturday night! :( What a game. Overtime and we lost!

Finally, last but not least. I finally convinced the husband it was time to decorate outside! We are going to do some lights outside our house. Just one string of big bulbs around the house. Nothing fancy, just very plain and simple! I can't wait! I love Christmas!

Pictuers to come.....


Bugs and Sunshine said...

Hey Jessica!!! How fun that you have a blog!!! You look great!

Brandi said...

Aww I haven't been to Silver Dollar City in years!! I wondered what it would be like as an adult! I may suggest that to the hubs sometime!

Glad to hear you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I'm still sad about the Hogs! :(