Thursday, November 19, 2009

Running Again

Just one more day till the weekend. So ready for Friday this week. Last weekend was so hectic that I didn't feel like I got much rest. This weekend though hopefully it won't be as bad! It is still busy, but not near as bad as it could be.
Our plans consist of:
Friday: Cats game, round 2 of the playoffs, Goooooo Cats!
Hubs is doing a game this week, so I'll be going alone....:( I'm sad, I like it when he can go with me and my friends to the game!
Saturday: Running that morning 6-12 miles, I know that is sort of vague, but I'm at least doing 6! Then we have the Razorback game on Saturday at 11:30.
Sunday: Church activites and choir stuff

No rest for the weary this weekend!

So as I've mentioned I'm running again! I'm glad to be running. I enjoy it for the most part. I really don't want to do long distance stuff, but I do want to do something. I think for now I'm going to keep up a 6 mile base. Then when I want to train for a race I can just pick it up and start adding on. With my new gym I'll be able to do some cardio stuff with some classes, so I won't always run, but I'm looking forward to getting back to it.

I prefer running in the winter vs. summer. I honestly normally take off the summer due to 100 degree temps in AR. I'm not going to let the winter temps stop me though. I'm going to keep it up.

I think I'm going to do a local 5K in AR the first of December. I did it last year. It was called Dashing Through the Lights! Is it bad that part of the reason I do it, is so I can get a cute shirt! I'm so bad!
This was me last year at that race:

This picture is actually me before the race. Next to the HOG tree! I do a small hog tree every year. I hope to increase the size once we move to a bigger house.

Here we are before the race. We actually had no idea either of us would wear white! Oh well! Fun times anyhow. This is me and my running friend Julie. She did the marathon with me.
So today I'm going to run by and pick up a race form. It is only $20.

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