Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

I love Thanksgiving!

I am so thankful for so many things:

1. God-Wow, my relationship with him has grown so much this last year.

2. My Husband! He is such an encourager. I love that man

3. Our new church and the awesomeness of that

4. Friends that care for us and love us

5. My awesome family! I should of put them #3 because they are the best! Especially my parents. They rock!

6. A Free Country!

7. A Job, Clothes, House, Food to eat, a car that gets me around

Wow, my thankful list could go on for days!

Last night I went over to visit with a lady in our church. Her husband died of cancer last February. Wow, I must say how much of an eye opener that was for me. This lady is still dealing with difficult times. If you pray, you might remember her. Especially with the holidays approaching.
Last night I went home and immediately hugged my husband and told him how much I cared for him. I can't imagine my husband leaving me on this earth alone. One day it might happen and if God is ready for that then I am also, but until then, I want to enjoy our time together!

Today is the Thanksgiving potluck. I made those bars from my post yesterday. They are really yummy! Today is my last day to a LOOOOONNNNNG weekend. Can you tell I'm excited?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Teresa said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jessica, hope you and your family have the perfect day.

Shiri Briseno said...

Happy Thanksgiving!