Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 1 of Exercise

So Day 1 is accomplished.

I did some circuit training! Wow, it kicked my butt. I hadn't done much of that recently so it was a different pace for sure. I was sweating when I finished not to mention winded and a little shaky.

Tonight I plan on getting in some cardio. Maybe a little running and walking. I already asked the husband to go with me. He didn't commit but he also didn't say no.

So I'm off tomorrow! Yippee......
My husband has it off for Veterans Day and honestly, I just wanted a day off. I actually have some hours I'm going to lose if I don't use them. I only have about a month left and I need to use about 15 hours. So, I thought tomorrow was a perfect day.
We don't have plans except church tomorrow night. I'm planning on doing some grocery shopping but that's about all.

Happy Veterans Day!