Thursday, October 29, 2009

What to do?

So the LR Half is in March so is the LR full....Hmm...What should I do?

Trying to decide. If I register this week I get a discount. Fee goes up next week. Seriously, it is only $10.00. I shouldn't get so worked up over that. I'm thinking about it.
I figure I will do the half regardless. My sister wants to do another race so she and I will probably do it together.
Not sure if any of the other family will.

Work is busy, I'm busy and well, I just don't have much time for me these days. I gotta get back to that though. I feel like I'm blowing up again. Christmas is looming. WOW, busy times ahead.
Today I knocked out the Christmas party invites for work, Shew...I'm tired.

I wish I was off again tomorrow. Honestly, I wish I had every Friday off or every Monday. I used to work a 4 day work week. 10 hour days are hard, but SOO worth it when the day off arrives.
I have about 17 hours I have to burn before December. Our fiscal year rolls over before Christmas. I better use it or lose it. I better start thinking now about when!

Almost quittin time. I'm so ready.

Guess what? You'll never guess.........It's raining in AR again today!

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