Friday, October 16, 2009

Totally Random Friday

Okay, so totally random but I bought these two new OPI colors and I promised I would share the colors. What is it with the crazy names they pick! Anyhow, the first is a really pretty orange color. It isn't Cajun Shrimp orange, but it is more of a fall orange. As I have previously mentioned, I'm a HUGE orange fan! Not a fan of Texas or TN, but I do love the color! The second is a pretty pink I bought this week. I'm going to a wedding and I am wearing an adorable new pink sweater I bought last week. It is pink, so hence the reason for the purchase. With Christmas coming up I opted to stop getting my nails done weekly. I TOTALLY miss it. I'll go soon though, I need a good filing and some cuticle work.
So here they are:

First off was: Paint My Mogi-Toes Red:
Second was: Ladies and Magenta-Men

Both of these pictures don't give these colors the proper justice. I'll just warn you they are both much prettier than they look on the screen.

So I have a wedding to attend tomorrow and the HOGS play FL so we are watching on TV. Oh, and tomorrow is the Susan G. Komen race in AR. I'll go to that in the morning for a little while. Busy, Busy, Busy.

Sunday is church stuff all day. First off church and Sunday School, then lunch at my moms and then on Sunday afternoon we're doing our Light Bulb Service Project. More to come on that on Monday.

On the Clean Eating front. Food is still going great!
Here is today's food:
B:Banana, PB
S:1/2 cup oatmeal, few apples
L: Wendy's baked potato and chili
S:Apple, string cheese
D: I still have leftovers that need to be eaten! Roast or chicken with some veggies
S: SF pudding

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Heather said...

Hey girl! You are right on everything....we go to church at First...and yes, Todd coaches for the White team. They played in Morrillton last night. (and won!!)
I am totally going to copy some of your eating ideas...I need major help in that area! Have a great, busy weekend!