Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Recipe for disaster

I left home today thinking the husband had put my lunch in the car. OOPS! I got to work this morning without my cooler.....NICE!

So, I figure today isn't going to be easy!

I have my weekly WW meeting today and usually I hit up the local health food store afterwards, so hopefully I can find me a few things to make it through the day.
I have a few things in my desk I can scrounge around with, but I know it won't cut it! While at the store today I'm stocking up on more toasted edamame. I've been lovin that stuff.

I have heard lots of great things about Amy's products. I finally decided to try them over the weekend. I just tried the burrito.
Anyhow, I will definitely buy these again. I think it was around 250 cals maybe, it had a pretty good amount of protein. Again, I will buy these again. Maybe they will have them today and I can grab one for lunch.
That's my hope.

So lots of people are sick in our office....Just to name a few things: Stomach Bug, Swine Flu, Bronchitis, sinus infections, annoying coughs, etc.
I'm trying so hard to stay well. I'm crossing my fingers I don't get anything.

Tomorrow is the annual Flu shots at work. Our company pays for it in hopes we will partake and then stay healthy. Heck, I'll take a free shot. We are also going to get the pneumonia shot as well. Just trying to keep ourselves as healthy as possible.

I'm off to drink my tastes awesome today!

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