Monday, October 26, 2009

Race Report

Here are some race pictures! This was everyone's first half. This is my mom and her sibilings. Mom is in yellow then Becky and Brian in the back and Jerrianne next to my mom.

After the race with the proud medals! These ladies did awesome!

They were last to come in, but so proud to of accomplished it.

My sister Janna...she did her first half and LOVED it! She's talking about doing another one. She is short, but was really moving. She and I finished in 3:20 I think. For walking and a little running I was pleased. The two pictures below were before the race. The first picture is Me, my SIL Carrie (also her first race), and then my sister Janna.

Here are the ladies before also. Don't they look so cute! For a couple of ladies that are 56, 63 and 64, they look pretty darn good! Give it up for my mom and her sisters! Her brother finished also by the way! My mom and her sisters finished in 4:20. They were beyond thrilled!


Brandi said...

Aww that is great! How come I didn't see you? I knew you were going to be there but never saw you guys! :(

Dawn said...

JESS!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!!! You all did GREAT!! I am so proud of your Mom and her sisters and of course your sister and SIL. WOW!! What an awesome family accomplishment this is. SO PROUD OF ALL OF YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

I looked for you but never saw you! I was in the gym before the race too!