Thursday, October 15, 2009

Still working it....

Not too much to report in on today.

I'm still eating really good. Last night I was going to do have leftovers but after getting home, changing, needing to be at church by 6, we just didn't have time. We opted to run to Chick-Fil-A instead!
It is by far probably one of the healthiest options for fast food. I guess Wendy's and Subway would be second and third on my list.

So here was yesterdays food! I rocked it! WOOT!
B:3 egg whites, spinach, asparagus, tons of mushrooms (new recipe, it was okay)
S: 3/4 cup cottage cheese, 1/2 cup strawberries, a few pecans
L: Whole wheat tortilla, black beans, avocado, chicken, (forgot my orange), string cheese
S: nothing
D: Chick Fil A Char Grilled chicken Sand, apple
S: Roasted Edamame

I also thought I would post today's food. Very similar to yesterday:
B:Oatmeal, flax seed, apple mixed in, coffee
S: Raw Carrots/hummus
L:Whole wheat tortilla, black beans, chicken, salsa, orange, string cheese
S:Cottage cheese, strawberries, few pecans
D:Either 3 oz of roast with some veggies or some chicken with veggies
S:Roasted Edamame

I've also been journaling my food in my WW journal. I'm proud to say I'm staying within in my limits! WOOT again!

So our church is working on a service project. We are doing a light bulb type of ministry. Last night we attached cards about our ministry and our church. Last night we tied the cards to the bulb and on Sunday we'll head out delivering these to our community.
Last night was a busy night!

Happy Thursday! One more day till Friday.

Tomorrow is bosses day by the way, don't forget your boss!


Angie P said...

wow - you had some awesome food days! After reading about your clean've inspired me to check that out. I've been reading up on it...I mentioned the idea to my teen daughter today too...think we are gonna try and change over a bit too

Heather said...

You are definitely giving me some good motivation and ideas. I am starting to "train" next week!