Thursday, October 8, 2009

Crazy Random Thursday with a to do list a mile long!

I have a crazy day today:
1. Getting my flu shot and pneumonia shot today.
2. Crazy work day with lots going on
3. Baking, Baking, Baking-I said I would donate some muffins for the Conway High Football team. Actually our church is sponsoring the breakfast on Friday morning so I offered to help do muffins. I said I would make 24, but I bet I double that. Then I'm picking up muffins from other people and delivering all of them to a friends.
4. I have to pack for the weekend. We are heading to Northwest AR for the AR vs. Auburn game. We are going up tomorrow night after the husbands football game.
5. Paint my nails. I bought a new color yesterday. I forget the name, but it is OPI and a really nice fall orange color.
6. Buy a birthday gift for a child. We are swinging in on Saturday night for a birthday party at a friends parents farm. We are having a weenie roast and a hayride. FUN!
7. I also have a wedding to attend next weekend and I really need to find a gift as well as a new outfit.
8. I have multiple baby gifts I need to work on. I have one blanket bought, but I need to buy another and get those suckers off to my new monogramer! By the way, a lady at my church is doing this now! So excited!
9. Work on my grocery list! I'm trying hard to start doing more "clean" eating. I've sort of neglected this as of late. I do eat good, but I tend to use to many easy foods, however, I have been laying off the processed frozen dinners. WOOT for that.

So that is my list. I'm sure I have more to add.

I won't accomplish that all today, but I must do it soon.

Today I'm starting my grocery list. I'll try and post that today! I'm also going to look at several of my Clean Eating Magazines for some recipes...I'll try and post a few once I make them.

I gotta run...flu shot time!

On a side note, I found a cute pair of jeans on Ebay for $25.00, that includes shipping. I love SEVEN jeans and I found a brand new pair.....I hope they come in by Friday.
I also haven't gotten my new iPhone cover yet. Boo! It was coming from Canada though, so I figure going USPS it might take a few days.

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Jessica said...

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