Monday, October 19, 2009

Busy, but fun weekend

What a busy but fun weekend.
Friday was the Cats game. Saturday was Race for the Cure, AR vs. FL, a wedding. Sunday was church activities all day. Shew, I need a day off.
Hopefully next Monday. I was hoping for Friday, but it looks as if something came up. I need to just request Monday off so nothing out of the ordinary will pop up. I might go in late on Friday though. We shall see. I'll probably do both!

Weekend eating was good. I didn't do food prep yesterday. No time! My plan is to knock it out tonight. I'm planning on making a Pot-O-Chili tonight and then maybe a recipe I found for baked chicken fingers for my lunches this week. I'll also do more of my roasted okra. I love that stuff.
So far so good though. I would consider week 1 of clean eats a HUGE...I mean HUGE success!

So I started my Christmas Shopping...Hello, we have almost 2 months till Christmas. I have got to start my Christmas cards. Yikes, I'm beginning to feel overwhelmed. I know for a fact I'll be making right at about 125+ cards this year! EEK...

I've been at Hobby Lobby all morning working on gathering stuff up for work cards. You see, the dummy that I am decided way back when to make homemade cards for the office Christmas party. Now they expect that too....
At least I didn't pay for the supplies!

I better get going. I figured I'll make a sample card up today for the bosses viewing. I need to get these out in a few weeks.

Happy Monday....Can't wait for Friday!

Oh and I have a half marathon this weekend.......

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Anonymous said...

YAY!!! For the half marathon!! I'm starting to get excited!!! I think I feel a group picture coming on! lol