Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Nothing really going on with me right now.

Work has picked up for the year. Lots happen towards the end of the year for us. We seem to send out tons of cards, invitations, entertain at parties, not too mention all the projects that come due at year end.

Lately I've been going through that burnt out stage. Just the same routine over and over. I'll get past it just like I always do, but it still stinks. I think the rain isn't helping. It has rained in Arkansas at least 2 times a week since July. I'm not kidding either. In AR we normally have HOT and HUMID weather until October. Not this year. Fall is here and winter is approaching.

Yesterday was my last hair appointment with my normal gal. She is going on maternity leave and isn't sure when she'll return! So, I'm going to try someone new. I'm a little nervous about that just because I've been using this gal for about 6 years. She knows what I like, how I like it, what color to use, etc.
I decided to use a new gal that is in the same building though, so when my gal does return I can always go back. My gal told me I wouldn't be disappointed with who we decided on. As long as I have reassurance I'm good.

Tonight is Sushi and church night. We've been doing sushi with my sister and BIL pretty regularly on Wednesday nights. I've been loving sushi lately.

I'm pretty much back to normal after Saturday. I had a little soreness but that went away by Monday. I'm back to myself. The race was fun and I enjoy them. I look forward to next year. My brother is wanting to run it!
Depending on whats going on with me at the time, I'm sure I'll do it also. Although, maybe we'll be talking about extended the family by then! I hope.

I told you this was going to be boring today......

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Anonymous said...

I want to do that half next year too - so I'll see you there! :) Where do you get your hair done?