Friday, October 30, 2009

I love Fall....

I love this time of year. I'm not a huge Halloween fan, but I love the changes in temperature and the beautiful fall leaves. Not too mention, one of my highlights! Day light savings time!

Don't forget to change those clocks back.

Weekend plans:
I'm working all day today! Boo..... Then tonight my grandmother and I are going to dinner and then I'm heading to the Conway game.
Saturday the only thing I have planned is the grocery store, a little cooking and the Fall Festival at church. I volunteered to do games. Hogs play on Saturday night, I may watch the end of the game.
Sunday is church stuff all day and then dinner with friends. They are coming to my house this week.
Last night I spent all night. Literally from 5:30-10:00 cleaning up/straightening around the house. My floors needed desperate attention and so did some of my furniture. I dusted, vacuumed, cleaned, etc. I must say it looks pretty spiffy!

I'm really glad to see the weekend rolling around. I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend! I'll leave you with a picture of some pumpkins! I love the color orange!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

What to do?

So the LR Half is in March so is the LR full....Hmm...What should I do?

Trying to decide. If I register this week I get a discount. Fee goes up next week. Seriously, it is only $10.00. I shouldn't get so worked up over that. I'm thinking about it.
I figure I will do the half regardless. My sister wants to do another race so she and I will probably do it together.
Not sure if any of the other family will.

Work is busy, I'm busy and well, I just don't have much time for me these days. I gotta get back to that though. I feel like I'm blowing up again. Christmas is looming. WOW, busy times ahead.
Today I knocked out the Christmas party invites for work, Shew...I'm tired.

I wish I was off again tomorrow. Honestly, I wish I had every Friday off or every Monday. I used to work a 4 day work week. 10 hour days are hard, but SOO worth it when the day off arrives.
I have about 17 hours I have to burn before December. Our fiscal year rolls over before Christmas. I better use it or lose it. I better start thinking now about when!

Almost quittin time. I'm so ready.

Guess what? You'll never guess.........It's raining in AR again today!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Nothing really going on with me right now.

Work has picked up for the year. Lots happen towards the end of the year for us. We seem to send out tons of cards, invitations, entertain at parties, not too mention all the projects that come due at year end.

Lately I've been going through that burnt out stage. Just the same routine over and over. I'll get past it just like I always do, but it still stinks. I think the rain isn't helping. It has rained in Arkansas at least 2 times a week since July. I'm not kidding either. In AR we normally have HOT and HUMID weather until October. Not this year. Fall is here and winter is approaching.

Yesterday was my last hair appointment with my normal gal. She is going on maternity leave and isn't sure when she'll return! So, I'm going to try someone new. I'm a little nervous about that just because I've been using this gal for about 6 years. She knows what I like, how I like it, what color to use, etc.
I decided to use a new gal that is in the same building though, so when my gal does return I can always go back. My gal told me I wouldn't be disappointed with who we decided on. As long as I have reassurance I'm good.

Tonight is Sushi and church night. We've been doing sushi with my sister and BIL pretty regularly on Wednesday nights. I've been loving sushi lately.

I'm pretty much back to normal after Saturday. I had a little soreness but that went away by Monday. I'm back to myself. The race was fun and I enjoy them. I look forward to next year. My brother is wanting to run it!
Depending on whats going on with me at the time, I'm sure I'll do it also. Although, maybe we'll be talking about extended the family by then! I hope.

I told you this was going to be boring today......

Monday, October 26, 2009

Race Report

Here are some race pictures! This was everyone's first half. This is my mom and her sibilings. Mom is in yellow then Becky and Brian in the back and Jerrianne next to my mom.

After the race with the proud medals! These ladies did awesome!

They were last to come in, but so proud to of accomplished it.

My sister Janna...she did her first half and LOVED it! She's talking about doing another one. She is short, but was really moving. She and I finished in 3:20 I think. For walking and a little running I was pleased. The two pictures below were before the race. The first picture is Me, my SIL Carrie (also her first race), and then my sister Janna.

Here are the ladies before also. Don't they look so cute! For a couple of ladies that are 56, 63 and 64, they look pretty darn good! Give it up for my mom and her sisters! Her brother finished also by the way! My mom and her sisters finished in 4:20. They were beyond thrilled!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Drive by post

Really quickly....

Busy day for me and I'm trying hard to get it all in.

The chicken recipe was great. My only complaint was when I reheat it, I'll do it in the oven or toaster. Microwave is sort of gross.

Only a few more days till my half. I'm trying to remember but I think this is my 6th half marathon! WOW......
This race is a family affair.
After my marathon last year my mom really wanted to do a race, fast forward to today and we are gearing up for her FIRST half marathon! She's maybe done 1 5k ever! She went from nothing to a half. The fun part is her sisters are participating also, so not only is it my mom and her two sisters but also me and my sister plus my sil! Gonna be a giant family party!

I'm ready........

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh my....

So I tried a new recipe from this site:

Baked Chicken Fingers
Olive oil
1 1/2 lbs. boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1/2 c. skim milk
1 Tbsp. Dijon mustard
1/4 c. sliced almonds
1/4 c. rolled oats
1/2 c. whole wheat bread crumbs
1 Tbsp. dried parsley flakes
1/4 tsp. freshly ground black pepper
Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Lightly coat a baking sheet with olive oil.Trim any fat from chicken and cut into strips (approx. 6-8 per breast).
Stir milk and mustard together in a bowl. In a separate container mix together almonds, oats, bread crumbs, parsley, and black pepper.
One at a time, dip chicken into milk mixture then dredge them in oatmeal mixture, making sure each piece is evenly coated.
Arrange on baking sheet and bake for 14 to 16 minutes, turning once, or until chicken is cooked through and coating is golden brown.
Nutritional Information: Calories: 250, Fat: 8 g., Carbs: 7 g., Protein: 37 g.

I'm thinking I'm going to really like it. I had one or two bites last night after it baked. I did this for my lunches this week so I'll have it officially at lunch today.
I also prepped up some sweet potato's, chili, okra, etc.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Busy, but fun weekend

What a busy but fun weekend.
Friday was the Cats game. Saturday was Race for the Cure, AR vs. FL, a wedding. Sunday was church activities all day. Shew, I need a day off.
Hopefully next Monday. I was hoping for Friday, but it looks as if something came up. I need to just request Monday off so nothing out of the ordinary will pop up. I might go in late on Friday though. We shall see. I'll probably do both!

Weekend eating was good. I didn't do food prep yesterday. No time! My plan is to knock it out tonight. I'm planning on making a Pot-O-Chili tonight and then maybe a recipe I found for baked chicken fingers for my lunches this week. I'll also do more of my roasted okra. I love that stuff.
So far so good though. I would consider week 1 of clean eats a HUGE...I mean HUGE success!

So I started my Christmas Shopping...Hello, we have almost 2 months till Christmas. I have got to start my Christmas cards. Yikes, I'm beginning to feel overwhelmed. I know for a fact I'll be making right at about 125+ cards this year! EEK...

I've been at Hobby Lobby all morning working on gathering stuff up for work cards. You see, the dummy that I am decided way back when to make homemade cards for the office Christmas party. Now they expect that too....
At least I didn't pay for the supplies!

I better get going. I figured I'll make a sample card up today for the bosses viewing. I need to get these out in a few weeks.

Happy Monday....Can't wait for Friday!

Oh and I have a half marathon this weekend.......

Friday, October 16, 2009

Totally Random Friday

Okay, so totally random but I bought these two new OPI colors and I promised I would share the colors. What is it with the crazy names they pick! Anyhow, the first is a really pretty orange color. It isn't Cajun Shrimp orange, but it is more of a fall orange. As I have previously mentioned, I'm a HUGE orange fan! Not a fan of Texas or TN, but I do love the color! The second is a pretty pink I bought this week. I'm going to a wedding and I am wearing an adorable new pink sweater I bought last week. It is pink, so hence the reason for the purchase. With Christmas coming up I opted to stop getting my nails done weekly. I TOTALLY miss it. I'll go soon though, I need a good filing and some cuticle work.
So here they are:

First off was: Paint My Mogi-Toes Red:
Second was: Ladies and Magenta-Men

Both of these pictures don't give these colors the proper justice. I'll just warn you they are both much prettier than they look on the screen.

So I have a wedding to attend tomorrow and the HOGS play FL so we are watching on TV. Oh, and tomorrow is the Susan G. Komen race in AR. I'll go to that in the morning for a little while. Busy, Busy, Busy.

Sunday is church stuff all day. First off church and Sunday School, then lunch at my moms and then on Sunday afternoon we're doing our Light Bulb Service Project. More to come on that on Monday.

On the Clean Eating front. Food is still going great!
Here is today's food:
B:Banana, PB
S:1/2 cup oatmeal, few apples
L: Wendy's baked potato and chili
S:Apple, string cheese
D: I still have leftovers that need to be eaten! Roast or chicken with some veggies
S: SF pudding

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Still working it....

Not too much to report in on today.

I'm still eating really good. Last night I was going to do have leftovers but after getting home, changing, needing to be at church by 6, we just didn't have time. We opted to run to Chick-Fil-A instead!
It is by far probably one of the healthiest options for fast food. I guess Wendy's and Subway would be second and third on my list.

So here was yesterdays food! I rocked it! WOOT!
B:3 egg whites, spinach, asparagus, tons of mushrooms (new recipe, it was okay)
S: 3/4 cup cottage cheese, 1/2 cup strawberries, a few pecans
L: Whole wheat tortilla, black beans, avocado, chicken, (forgot my orange), string cheese
S: nothing
D: Chick Fil A Char Grilled chicken Sand, apple
S: Roasted Edamame

I also thought I would post today's food. Very similar to yesterday:
B:Oatmeal, flax seed, apple mixed in, coffee
S: Raw Carrots/hummus
L:Whole wheat tortilla, black beans, chicken, salsa, orange, string cheese
S:Cottage cheese, strawberries, few pecans
D:Either 3 oz of roast with some veggies or some chicken with veggies
S:Roasted Edamame

I've also been journaling my food in my WW journal. I'm proud to say I'm staying within in my limits! WOOT again!

So our church is working on a service project. We are doing a light bulb type of ministry. Last night we attached cards about our ministry and our church. Last night we tied the cards to the bulb and on Sunday we'll head out delivering these to our community.
Last night was a busy night!

Happy Thursday! One more day till Friday.

Tomorrow is bosses day by the way, don't forget your boss!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lovin me some cottage cheese

I bought some cottage cheese the other night at Wal-Mart! 1% in fact. I've always tried to like cottage cheese, but just haven't been a fan. I see so many things about it in the clean eating magazine and also on PNP.
So I once again tried it.
Today I mixed in some strawberries and a few walnuts.

I think I found me a new protein snack! I LOVED it. I thought I might sprinkle some splenda on it, but I didn't need it. It was sweet enough with the strawberries. YUM, YUM, YUM! Okay, I'm going to post a picture of it, but for Brandon and the husband who both make comments about my food, just don't look at the photo, it'll probably gross you out!
I have a WW meeting today, errands to run, food to make for a friend, small group tonight, etc. Busy day! Gotta get going!

So, how do you eat your cottage cheese?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Grocery store accomplished

Here are my grocery's from last night. Remember my list yesterday. Well, I stocked up when I went to the store!

I have a conference I have to attend this morning, so I gotta run! Hopefully I can post more later.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Clean Eating....

I'm really trying hard to get back on that wagon again. I absolutely love the Clean Eating Magazine that Tosca Reno does.

Anyhow, I have subscribed to the magazine for a year or so and they have some great recipes. So I pulled a few of them out and started looking to see if I could find some new stuff to make.

I plan on hitting the grocery store tonight for the following stuff:
Raw Carrots
Spaghetti Squash
String cheese
Cottage cheese 1%
English Muffins
Ground Turkey
Baby Spinach
Sundried Tom.
SF Pudding
Egg Whites

I'm also going to start drinking protein shakes again!

Tonight my plan is to make some hummus...I'll post the recipe and the finished product in the morning.

I also plan on prepping up stuff like oatmeal, omelette's, turkey burgers etc for breakfast and lunches.
It'll be a busy night for me tonight.

I'm also going to start hitting the weights again. With my groin injury I'm limited on the cardio so I'm going to hit the weights and see what kind of progress I can start making!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Cute as a bug in a rug

So I got home and my iphone cover arrived. I actually bought a gray one also, but with this being similar to HOG colors and the game being this weekend I selected the red one for the weekend. Isn't it adorable?!
I'm telling you, please go check this lady out. She has some really cute stuff! It took about a week to arrive, but that was because I live way down south and she lives in Canada. It was so worth the wait. As I was typing this, someone sent me a text and I had to take it out of my case! So cute with that little button on top!

So yesterday I got my muffins made. I tried a homemade recipe. They turned out fabulous! I made 48 muffins! Then I also got the wedding present bought....I was on a roll yesterday! Oh and the new OPI color! LOVIN it. I promise to post the name. Flu shot went well, but man my arm is slightly tender. We also got pneumonia shots so I got stuck in both arms! Yes, last night it was rather difficult trying to get comfortable. Especially when you lay on your side to sleep.

We are headed to Fayetteville tonight. The hogs are taking on Auburn. I'm scared!

Have a good weekend friends!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Crazy Random Thursday with a to do list a mile long!

I have a crazy day today:
1. Getting my flu shot and pneumonia shot today.
2. Crazy work day with lots going on
3. Baking, Baking, Baking-I said I would donate some muffins for the Conway High Football team. Actually our church is sponsoring the breakfast on Friday morning so I offered to help do muffins. I said I would make 24, but I bet I double that. Then I'm picking up muffins from other people and delivering all of them to a friends.
4. I have to pack for the weekend. We are heading to Northwest AR for the AR vs. Auburn game. We are going up tomorrow night after the husbands football game.
5. Paint my nails. I bought a new color yesterday. I forget the name, but it is OPI and a really nice fall orange color.
6. Buy a birthday gift for a child. We are swinging in on Saturday night for a birthday party at a friends parents farm. We are having a weenie roast and a hayride. FUN!
7. I also have a wedding to attend next weekend and I really need to find a gift as well as a new outfit.
8. I have multiple baby gifts I need to work on. I have one blanket bought, but I need to buy another and get those suckers off to my new monogramer! By the way, a lady at my church is doing this now! So excited!
9. Work on my grocery list! I'm trying hard to start doing more "clean" eating. I've sort of neglected this as of late. I do eat good, but I tend to use to many easy foods, however, I have been laying off the processed frozen dinners. WOOT for that.

So that is my list. I'm sure I have more to add.

I won't accomplish that all today, but I must do it soon.

Today I'm starting my grocery list. I'll try and post that today! I'm also going to look at several of my Clean Eating Magazines for some recipes...I'll try and post a few once I make them.

I gotta run...flu shot time!

On a side note, I found a cute pair of jeans on Ebay for $25.00, that includes shipping. I love SEVEN jeans and I found a brand new pair.....I hope they come in by Friday.
I also haven't gotten my new iPhone cover yet. Boo! It was coming from Canada though, so I figure going USPS it might take a few days.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Recipe for disaster

I left home today thinking the husband had put my lunch in the car. OOPS! I got to work this morning without my cooler.....NICE!

So, I figure today isn't going to be easy!

I have my weekly WW meeting today and usually I hit up the local health food store afterwards, so hopefully I can find me a few things to make it through the day.
I have a few things in my desk I can scrounge around with, but I know it won't cut it! While at the store today I'm stocking up on more toasted edamame. I've been lovin that stuff.

I have heard lots of great things about Amy's products. I finally decided to try them over the weekend. I just tried the burrito.
Anyhow, I will definitely buy these again. I think it was around 250 cals maybe, it had a pretty good amount of protein. Again, I will buy these again. Maybe they will have them today and I can grab one for lunch.
That's my hope.

So lots of people are sick in our office....Just to name a few things: Stomach Bug, Swine Flu, Bronchitis, sinus infections, annoying coughs, etc.
I'm trying so hard to stay well. I'm crossing my fingers I don't get anything.

Tomorrow is the annual Flu shots at work. Our company pays for it in hopes we will partake and then stay healthy. Heck, I'll take a free shot. We are also going to get the pneumonia shot as well. Just trying to keep ourselves as healthy as possible.

I'm off to drink my tastes awesome today!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Monthly Bunco Night

Tonight is my monthly Bunco group. We meet every first Monday of the month. I've been playing off and on for about a year or so and about 3-4 months ago, I offered to help start a new group with our church Sunday School Class. WOW, what a turn out we've had. We had to bump it up to 16 players recently, which is so cool! I love that so many women want to come and play and have fun. For me this is a social game. I just love being able to sit around and visit.

This weekend I was really lazy. It was actually able to catch up on some much needed rest. I slept in, took naps, rested, stayed in etc.
I still feel like both myself and my husband are fighting sick. We've both not felt 100% these last few days. Both of us are taking our vitamins though. We really don't want to get anything.

The hog won against TX A&M so that was good.

This weekend we play at home!

Friday, October 2, 2009

I won a blog award

So I don't win these very often. Brandi tagged me as a winner so here we go. I'm just going to share 7 random things about me.

1. Today I'm wearing my Marathon pull over I purchased for the marathon! It makes me remember that day and how awesome it was. I now need to decide if I'm going to take the challenge on and run another one. My favorite picture. This was prayer before the race! I'm sort of hidden back in the back of the circle.

2. Last night I watched Dirty Dancing. Yes, I grew up watching the movie. Poor Patrick Swayze. Last night it was on the Family Channel and they had some never before scenes. I think they did good when they deleted a few of them.

3. Every year at Christmas I make my own Christmas Cards using a stamp from Stampin Up. I think I've made a decision on what I'm going to do this year. Now I need to get it ordered and work on it. I usually procrastinate, but this year I'm vowing to do some preliminary work in order to save me the stress. Here was my card last year. I make about 80 Christmas Cards and this year I'm afraid I'm increasing that number by 20 at least. With our new church friends we've made I can't leave them out.
This year I think I'm buying this stamp.

4. Tonight is Homecoming for the Conway Wampus Cats....Guess I'll go and support my high school. I'm thinking I'll make me a shirt. Will post a picture of that later. I bought this cool cat I'm going to iron on.

5. Fall is my favorite time of year. I love it when the trees start changing colors.

6. My favorite color is orange. Yes, I even had an orange wedding. LOVED IT!
Me with my sisters and my friend Jenn. Jenn is on the far left and my sisters are Jennifer in the back, Jill next to me on the right and Janna off to the side.

7. My husband is taking me to lunch today. Yippee...We don't go to lunch often because we don't really work close to one another. Even though we carpool he is on one side of town and me the other. I think were going to a pizza place we like. I'm getting a salad that they have. So yum!

Okay, the hogs are playing TX A&M this weekend so wish us luck. We have lost 2 games in a row and I know our team is down. Come one...Even if you aren't a hog fan, help root us on!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wow, October is here!

I can't believe today is October 1. Do you realize that we only have 3 more months until 2010! WOW, I just can't believe it. Time is honestly flying by so fast that it's frightening.

So my trainer did a blog on the competition I placed in. Check it out! I was super impressed with 3rd place! My friend Dawn and her husband won the couples challenge.

Today we're expecting heavy storms down south. In fact, the weather is already looking sort of dreary and nasty. This morning I broke out my corduroy pants. I'm sure it was a little soon, but I was ready. I'm sort of cold natured anyhow, so even in the summer I'm wearing my cardigan around the office.

So because I got the new iPhone, I had to purchase these! They are covers for my iPhone. I actually purchased a red one and a grey one but when I went to look at the site to get a picture they were gone. Perhaps I purchased the last ones? Anyhow, they had TONS of other cute colors. I think I could of purchased one of each color, but I opted for 2 only ! This is the site. The name of the lady that does them is TheFinickyStitcher. Check this cute little thing out:

I love it! Can't wait to get it in. Isn't the Internet the most wonderful tool. Honestly, you can find anything. I'm just smitten with it. I'll post some pictures when they arrive. I also ran across her blog.

Happy Thursday!