Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Weekly shopping trip

Today was my weekly shopping venture over to our whole food/health food store. I only spent $20.00. Gotta love that.
I bought a few things to try. One is this:
My dad has done the low carb diet for years. He's lost right at 100 lbs. I found this and thought he might be interested. It is low carb flour. My dad is a certified chef so he's always out to try new things that meet his low carb guidelines. Will keep you posted on this. I'm also interested to compare this to regular flour.

I also purchased these! I of course love Guiltless Gourmet stuff. I normally buy the blue chips but I branched out and got the normal corn chip flavor this time. I'm sure they taste roughly the same. 2 points for 16-17 chips I believe.

Then I noticed these as I was heading out. I've only tried edamame a few times so I wanted to see what a dry version was like. Oh my goodness...YUMMY and full of protein. I'll definitely get these again! 2 points for 1/4 cup. Then finally, I noticed these. They are just okay. I think by themselves I could refrain, but on a salad it was be a nice crunch. It is little baked crisps made from bell peppers, tomato, carrots, pumpkin, spinach, etc. Again, not bad as a salad topper, but not something I would eat on a regular basis as a snack. 3 points for 1 oz. I would obviously not use many to save my points. Would just be a nice added crunch.

I must get going. For some reason, I am swamped today....

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