Friday, September 4, 2009

The story of the Wampus Cat....

So I graduated from Conway High School in 1996. Our mascot is the Wampus Cat.....

You will notice it is a 6 legged animal...that's "four to run with the speed of light, and two to fight with all its might." I know sort of goofy isn't it.

So tonight I'm heading to Bentonville, AR (home of Wal-Mart), but that isn't the point. To see the Wampus Cats take on the Bentonville, Tigers. I sure hope we win. We're leaving this afternoon and we'll be back L-A-T-E tonight.

Then on Saturday, it is Razorback Football time!

I'm interested to see how the team looks. The hubs made me my cheat sheet. Basically it is all the players on the team in the starting roles. I laminate it and take it with me to games. The funny part is last year I had men asking me questions! Ha! We have a semi new coach. He was here last year, so we'll see if our team has improved with a little more coaching. We didn't do as well last year so we're hoping for improvement.
Then all weekend we've got family in town as well. My aunt is here and then a cousin and his family will roll in on Sunday. It'll be a fun busy weekend.

I left my house this morning with a pot of beans in the crockpot. I've officially NEVER made a pot of beans so this will be interesting. Surely it won't burn the house down. It's on low for goodness sake. I left the hubs in bed this morning. I had to work! :( He didn't!
Anyhow, he'll probably awake to some interesting smelling stuff. Hopefully it turns out.

So I got my freezer purchased last night. It is preparing now so hopefully this afternoon I can stock it up. My poor little freezer inside is stocked full of stuff.

Next week I have several recipes to share. One is a skillet lasagna and the other is a Mexican recipe. I made them the last few weeks and they are definitely worth sharing. About a month ago I challenged myself to more processed food meals such as Lean Cuisine, Smart Ones, Healthy Choice, etc. I've been making 1 large meal on Sunday's and then eating that for my lunches all week. This has worked like a dream! I love it. Anyhow, I'm going to share a few of the ones I've been making here lately.

I'll also share the bean recipe if it turns out that is.
Gosh I hope so. By the time I bought a small ham and 5 bags of beans. Well, it wasn't all that much, I shouldn't kid myself.

The husband is on the road himself tonight. He is a high school ref. He travels the state every Thursday and Friday night. He's been doing it for 4 or 5 years maybe? He gets a kick out of it. He is back judge if anyone has a clue what that is.

Okay, I was just coming here to post about the Wampus Cat and I told you lots more than I intended.

Happy Labor Day weekend!


TinaGirl said...

have a good time this weekend. I love love love beans in the crock pot. Hope you share your recipe with us.

Shannon said...

I went to CHS too - left in 11th grade though! ugh! But I still consider myself a CHS alum - class of 99! :) ha!