Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sharing a secret

So I make shirts from time to time. I've done crown shirts for pageants, football shirts for hog games, and now I'm working on one for my high school team so when I so watch them I'll have a cute shirt.
I'm going to share with you one of my favorite sites:

This place by far has the best iron-ons for CHEAP.

My normal routine is a tshirt from Old Navy, Walmart, Target, etc. Whatever I can find for cheap or decent quality. I never spend over $12. Then I hit up the above site for a cute rhinestone to add. Here are a few of my samples I've done for kids:

This one I did by hand, it was so cute I had to share it!
I've done tons others of just words like HOGS, GO HOGS, I LOVE HOGS, etc.

This is one of the new iron-ons I bought last week:
Once I have it finished I'll post up a picture.

I also have a picture of my beans as well as a recipe to share. Oh and I need to post Skillet Lasagna. Both are yummo!

So, check our that site if your interested. It is super easy, super cute and I promise you, you'll get TONS of compliments.

Tonight is Sushi and church night.....

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Dawn said...

So cute Jess.

Oh man I love me some skillet lasagna!!! Haven't had it in a while though. It is the perfect fall/winter food.