Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Say hello to my new friends

I recently posted at PNP about my addiction to coffee. I drink about 2 cups in the morning and occasionally 1 in the afternoon. Depends on how my afternoon is going.

My original thought to the post was to compare FF half and half to 2% milk. I use 2%, but honestly it runs me 1.5 points a day while FF half and half would be a point or less.

My trainer told me to skip the milk and use the FF stuff, but make sure those extra 1-1.5 points are used on healthy stuff and not your favorite ho-ho or something. After she responded my thought was I would love to save the points and use the FF Creamer, but honestly how good is it? After thinking it over, I decided to try it this weekend instead of my 2% milk.

I'm addicted. I love it. To me it tastes just the same if not better. In fact, it reminds me more of heavy cream and if it weren't for the fat in the heavy cream, I would use it daily. So I think I have a new found coffee addition.

My second find these days is this: Eight O'Clock French Vanilla Coffee
I can blame my dad on getting me addicted to this. He loves flavored coffee and he's tried every kind known to man. This is by far the best choice for convenience and cheap sake. I've tried Folgers...I didn't really care for it, but this flavor is awesome.

The bad part is I don't have my own coffee pot at work and the hubs doesn't really love it, so whenever I want it, I'll have to make it on the weekend. I did that a few times this weekend and it worked okay. I just love it.
Anyhow, I just thought I'd share two of my favs.....

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